Making Art: The Bombay Deco Collection by CaratLane

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see,” Edgar Degas once said and it is exactly this thought that resonates with CaratLane’s new collection, inspired by Mumbai’s Art Deco, also popularly known as ‘Bombay Deco’. Every piece of jewellery is like a piece of art.

BD (1)

It is interesting to discover that despite being the city that houses about 200 art deco structures, Mumbai’s glorious past goes unnoticed, for most of the time. But that was until Caratlane decided to seek inspiration from the structures that form a major part of the city’s heritage. And thus, the ‘Bombay Deco’ collection was conceptualised, giving way to jewellery that reminisced about an era gone by.

BD6          BD5
Short for Arts Décoratifs, the style emerged in Europe around the 1920’s and influenced the United States as well. In Bombay, it was synonymous with a post war optimism that followed the World War, as affluent families set about utilising their wealth in newly inspired architecture.

BD1  BD4 BD2     BD3

The ‘Bombay Deco’ collection by CaratLane finds its inspiration in such edifices that are common to the city, drawing insights from the streamlined structures and its designs. With gilded earrings, pendants, beautifully contrived rings and bracelets, the collection presents an array of mesmerizing jewellery that pays ode to Art deco theatres such as Regal, Metro, Eros and Liberty Cinema, along with iconic monuments such as Empress Court. The intricate detailings and motifs, curvilinear forms and minarets and nautical designs can all be found in the exquisitely crafted offerings.


BD7 Necklace- BD5

An exuberant tribute to the city that houses the second largest number of art deco buildings, this remarkable collection is certainly not meant to be missed. And miss it, we shall not.

Images: Every piece of jewelry in the above blog is from Caratlane

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