Well, come festive season and everyone is all geared up for the revelry to ensue, and what goes hand in hand with celebrations and champagne? Well, couture! Beautiful silk pieces, hand-woven, and hand embroidered extensive and intricate traditional wear. Gold zardosied sarees, chikankari kurtas and much more. Now while you’ve chosen the finest garb, equal attention needs to be given to the accompaniments – the accessories.  Here are top 5 accessories that are ‘hot’ this season.



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What is more ornate than intricate body art in dazzling arrays of gold, silver, and platinum? This season, get some of these stickies and treat your body as one huge canvas and go crazy! Pick dainty designs – hot zones to don them are arms, torsos, backs, feet, calves; these are just guidelines, let your imagination run wild.



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We’re talking about the rose ring’s a little ‘extra’ sibling.  Extending all the way to your hairline, these stunners are sure to make an impression. Bonus points for making them work in an indo-western outfit. Cue Sonam Kapoor. Enough said!



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Yes, you heard it right, these delicate pieces adorn your feet, structure similar to that of a sandal. Effect? Many folds hotter! These are the ‘IT ‘ accessories doing the rounds in the festive circuits.



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Move over flowers, hair accessories are here to stay! Move on from roses to the territory of gold roses, beautiful Jada Chotis, and other ornate pieces. This season, let your head wear the crown, quite literally!



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The daintier half of the Bajubandh. These delicate pieces are perfect for lace and tulle outfits doing the rounds this season.  These are the perfect mix of modern with a hint of tradition thrown in, and are sure to be a hit in your circle!

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