Top 10 Stylish Picks from Caratlane’s, The Bombay Deco Collection

The Bombay Deco – A Tribute to the Iconic Buildings of Bombay. When talking about world’s most beautiful Art Deco, One might think of New York’s Chrysler Building or the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, but we often  neglect what is around us like,  Mumbai’s Eros Cinema, Empress Court, and the India Assurance Building. To everyone’s surprise, Mumbai has world’s second largest Art Deco buildings in the world, after Miami. The style that originated in Paris, traveled through Europe and the U.S. , making its way to India. The British Rule in addition to introducing new ways to dress and behave, also changed the face of the metropolis that started as a small fishing village.

Caratlane’s new collection is an inspirational work, whose muse is the Parisian architecture of Bombay. Every piece of jewellery is well crafted, taking inspiration from the famous buildings of Bombay. From the name given to each and every piece, to the intricate design, Caratlane’s new collection is truly a tribute to the iconic buildings of Bombay.

Its difficult to have a favorite, but we managed to pick 10 most stylish pieces from there new collection.


Liberty Linear Drop Earrings


This very pretty and intricately designed earring, gets its inspiration from the Liberty Threatre of 1949. Suited for an evening out, this very sophisticated piece is sure to take your breathe away.

Eros Graduating Zig Zag Bangle 


Inspired from the very famous Eros Theatre. The Zig Zig curving in the bangle shows us the exact look of the Eros building. Very elegant piece for those who want to go minimal with sophistication.

Eros Minaret Choker Necklace


Dedicated to the cylindrical minarets of the Eros Theater. This lovely choker is sure to take your breath away. Perfect example of elegance. You will not  need anything else after you gets your hands on this baby. Perfect for more Indian and Western looks.

Eros Minaret Ring 


Another beautiful piece showing the cylindrical structured Eros building. This beautiful ring is one of my many favorites.

Eros Multi Stepped Bangle


This splendid description of multi stepped Eros building in a bangle piece is magnificent. The details and intricacies of the it, will take you back to the 19s.

Empress Fan Drop Earrings


This very individualistic piece of earrings are your go to piece for an evening as well as brunch wear. Being taken its inspiration again from the Art Deco of Bombay. This piece of art is sure going to be on your wishlist.

Empress Ziggurat Ring  

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As many other design inspirations of the Art Deco of Bombay, Ziggurat is one of them. This beautiful ring is one of the carved out pieces that has graphic detailing in gold with diamonds

Mahal Wave Chand Bali 


Taking the inspiration from famous Keval Mahal of Bombay, these chand balis are must have’s. The contemporary detailing with classic design makes it a perfect fusion wear.

Strand Sunrise Bracelet


A modern take on a bracelet, the Strand Sunrise bracelet is a statemnt piece that can be work with western and ethnic outfits. The graphic play of diamonds and gold will ensure this piece is a conversation starter

Bella Curvilinear Drop Earrings


Last but not the least, these super gorgeous piece of earrings are unique in there own ways. Inspired from the linear designs of the Bombay art Deco, this contemporary piece is soon going to be your closet essential.

Check out the Collection here.


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