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FAQs for elanstreet Styling Services


  1. What does elanstreet offer?
    Elanstreet aims to make personalised styling advisory accessible through an in house team of qualified stylists assisted by a tech enabled platform which incorporates tools such as look book creation, chat , online catalogue to provide scale and tangible outcome for the consumer .The platform also curates a  community of  highly experienced free lance styling professionals available on call for any other value added styling services a consumer might require based on certain specific occasions.
  2. How Is elanstreet different than other shopping websites?
    Elanstreet is unique in many ways. Unlike other shopping websites the style advice that you receive is personalized based on information you provide us about your personality, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Unlike other shopping websites, you also have the opportunity to speak to a stylist online and offline depending on your requirements. Our Stylist can create custom look books for you to help you shop online and offline. Elanstreet stylists are pre-qualified consultants who are experienced in their area of work.
  3. What is Elan Credit ?Elan credit is our way of thanking you for being part of our style journey. Elan credit is credited to your account within 24 hours of you purchasing a product or service from elanstreet. You can also earn elan credit by creating lookbooks and sharing it out . To know more , contact us on [email protected].One elan credit can be redeemed for one rupees at the check out cart.
  4. How do I get started on getting style advise?
    Simply go to styling services and make an appointment for the service you would like to sign up for. Alternatively, you can also call our customer support numbers for advise or write to us at [email protected]. Our customer support will call you to get your requirements and match you up with elanstreet Stylist.
  5. Where will the Styling session take place?
    For an online styling service, your stylist will schedule a time with you to speak on skype or over phone. For Offline or one to one styling services, the location will depend on the stylist office and your convenience. Location of Styling sessions can be mutually agreed upon between the stylist and client
  6. What is the validity period for the services paid for?
    180 days.
  7. How does online personal styling work?
    You will receive a call from our customer support within 24hours from the time you sign up for an online styling service. We will then match you with a stylist for addressing your requirements. The Stylist will get in touch with you and schedule either a call or a skype session. Depending on the service signed up for, stylist may administer a online colour analysis and wardrobe audit. Post style consultation stylist will create look book or recommend looks that suit the client from the website.
  8. How does offline personal styling work?
    You will receive a call from our customer support to confirm the service signed up and check the availability for the styling session with you. Once a qualified stylist is matched to your requirements, your contact details will be share with the stylist. Our Stylist will contact you to schedule a face-to-face appointment either in their office or at a mutually agreed upon location. Post the session; your stylist will prepare look books for you online with recommendations on wardrobe and accessories that best suit you.
  9. What is a Look Book?
    Look Book is a group of product images of wardrobe & accessories that will help you visualize how to coordinate different pieces together.
  10. Who can benefit from a personal stylist?
    Styling and image management is not just for celebrities.Its for anyone who wants to identify the colours and styles that flatters their skin tone and their body type. Anyone who aspires to look great by getting insight into creating a functional wardrobe that suits their lifestyle.
  11. What is colour Analysis? What will I get for my reference?
    Your personal colour analysis will identify whether your skin tone fallsunder cool or warm colour palette. Stylist will provide you with range of colours that suit your skin tone.You can use this information to choose right colours for make-up,jewellery, and wardrobe. You will receive a personalized colour palette that suits your skin tone
  12. What is Personal Style Assessment? What will I get for my reference?
    During a personal styling session, your Personal Stylist will assess the detailed style parameters such face shape, necklines, body shape, bone structure, body measurements, patterns, fabric textures and style lines that suit you. You will receive look books and recommendations from your stylist.
  13. What is Wardrobe Audit?
    Your Personal Stylist will audit, plan, and help create a functional wardrobe for you. It is a systematic process of assessing the clothes in your wardrobe based on colour, fit, lifestyle needs, and up-to-date fashion trends. Recommendations will be made for alterations of worthwhile pieces and future purchases.
  14. What is Personal Shopping?
    Using the information from the colors, style and wardrobe assessment; your stylist will accompany you to the stores catered to your size, shape and style. We will assist you every step of the way in finding wardrobe pieces, footwear, and accessories that suit you the best. The focus is to help you shop smart and find the missing wardrobe pieces for your lifestyle needs.
  15. Does Personal Shopping include the purchases?
    Personal Shopping Service charges only includes the personal stylist fee for consultation and advise of helping you pick the right pieces. Payment for purchases will be made by you at the store.
  16. How will I remember how to coordinate pieces together after a shopping experience?
    You personal stylist will take pictures of the pieces bought during a personal shopping session. These pictures will be used to create look books for you showing options of how to coordinate pieces together. You can save these look books for future reference.
  17. Can I choose my stylist?
    You can let us know your preferance once you have booked the service .  We will give you quotes from  three syle consulatnts for the off line services.   We will make our sincere attempt in matching you with your choice of stylist based on their availability and expertise. For styling subscription services  you can ask for a change of stylist once within the tenor of your service.
  18. Can I book an appointment for a makeover?
    Yes, you can sign up for makeover package from the styling services.
  19. Can I gift styling services to my friends or family?
    Yes, you can choose “Gift a Styling Experience” Option from styling services and make a payment. Our customer support will get in touch with you to get details of your friend or family member.You can also gift a stylised look ( entire ensemble)curated by our stylists within the budget specified by you.
  20. What does the minimum booking amount mean for Offline services ? How do i pay for the balance ?We normally charge the first consultation fee as the minimum booking amount for services offered by our style consultants.  You have the option of   going for the other components of the service after the consultation . You will be sent an email invoice to pay for the balance amount once you confirm .
  21. What is your refund policy for services booked?
    All service packages are cancellable till 24 hours before your first consultation. After that period , for whatever reason if you anticipate that you will not be available for the date of appointment, you can reschedule your appointments with the stylist . For subscription services you can choose not to renew at the end of the service period . In case you are not satisfied with the stylist allocated to you , you can request for an alternative . All our stylist are pre-screened and highly qualified in their profession, however, if you have a concern please give a call to our customer support for further discussion.