The Maiden : Virgo Fashion Style

Kind, hard working and practical the Virgo season is here. Born during the time of harvest season ( August 23 to September 22 ), around late Summer and September, it is the time to reap the fruits of labor and hard work put in the days before. Represented by a symbol of corn carrying maiden, this sign is often linked to nurturing and fertility. Hence, people born under this sign, mostly takes up jobs in healthcare.

A Virgo Woman is sharp, intelligent and perfect. A charmer by nature, she can seduces anyone that crosses her path. When is comes to fashion, the sign enables her to be a sharp analyzer. She has an amazing fashion sense and a knack for details. She knows which elements work well with her personality. A Virgo woman, respects fashion and money. She will never compromise and can reject the biggest labels, if the details and designs do not please her. Since, the sign is ruled by Mercury which is ruled by the hand, a Virgo woman always falls for rings and hand jewelry. Her hands are always manicured and she loves to visit spas on special occasions.

Being the sixth sign of routine, work and service, a Virgo male will be happy to help you with your daily chores at home. Being ruled by the sing of details, a Virgo Man is very particular about everything. This trait surely reflects in his dressing as well. His clothes are practical and earthly tones works in his favor. Minimalist and sophisticated, are the style traits of a Virgo man

Not completely sure of your style as a Virgo? Or need to find a gift for you Virgo friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Virgo Woman

The Virgo Man


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