Costume Drama: TV’s Most Fashionable Period Drama Shows

Extravagant furs, plush embroideries, ethereal gowns, rustic armours, long capes and graceful accessories. Game of Thrones may be the most downloaded series of all times, but it isn’t merely the plot (and deaths by the dozen) that keeps audiences hooked. The stunning costumes of the period drama have their own formidable fan following.

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When a period drama is involved—fantasy or biopic—costumes can make or break the show. Game of Thrones offers a feast for the eyes, from the dark caped soldiers of the Night’s Watch to the flowy gowns worn by the ladies of South. Having influenced fashion since Fall 2012, when Helmut Lang’s fur and leather layering was noted for its similarities with GOT, the show has played muse to labels like Fendi, Alexander Mcqueen, and Dolce and Gabbana. The influence goes beyond high fashion. Look online and you’re sure to find GOT-inspired metallic brooches and lapel pins for sale. Pick your house trimmings!



Game of Thrones isn’t the only show that has recently made its mark. The wildly popular Downton Abbey, which can be watched with the use of apps such as screen mirroring, a historical drama set in post Edwardian England, had fashion addicts swooning over the chic headbands, coiffed hair, and an aristocratic way of life that is so elusive in the contemporary world. Marc Jacobs is said to be a self-confessed fan of the show, drawing Edwardian influences in his 2012 collection.



Talking about Downton Abbey, we cannot possibly not mention Mad Men, set in the New York of ’60s. Plaids, polka dots, and body hugging dressed were suddenly in the show and on the runway. This was one show which influenced how men dressed as well, thanks to the handsome Don Draper (Jon Hamm) with his suits, neck ties, pocket squares and occasionally a fedora.


With a plethora of television influences, the variety to choose from is larger than ever. Like Bill Cunningham once put it, “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”.

Be sure to survive it in style!

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