Style Tips From TV: How To Dress Like a Girl Boss At Work

Rise and shine, ladies! It’s another day at work. We hope you have a dream job and love every minute of it. If you’re having employment law issues, here’s a contact of the best attorneys. For those in need of motivation – try dressing up. If you are looking for inspiration, turn to your television. From gorgeous designer goodies in Sex & the City and Gossip Girl to Mad Men’s vintage appeal, your idiot box is full of wardrobe ideas. Though these shows are no longer airing, there is a new crop of leading ladies to watch out for. Presenting our favourite telly stars who have mastered the art of workwear.

Olivia Pope

The protagonist of Scandal is noted squarely for her crisis management ability and her sensational getup. Kerry Washington, breathes life into her role as an influential Washington fixer, with lust-worthy ensembles by the likes of Valentino, Gucci, Burberry, and every major brand worth mentioning. We couldn’t be more grateful for high-street brands that help us channel her style.


Claire Underwood

Robin Wright plays her style cards right in House of Cards, another presidential political drama. Each day brings forth professional or personal crises for the First Lady of America. However, Claire is never too dowdy for an occasion in her monochromatic dresses, crisp shirts, and tailored bottoms.

Selina Meyer

Professional cataclysms come and go, but a well-dressed woman can save the day. Take Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for instance. In the hilarious Veep, she is often seen struggling with work but never with dressing up. Be it running barefoot in the White House or attending events in cowboy hats, Selina is always flawless.

Jessica Pearson

Suits maybe a show loaded with good-looking people, but nobody stands out like Jessica. With curve-conscious dresses, pantsuits, subtle sparkles and a no-nonsense attitude, Jessica is always dressed to win. The managing partner, played by the inimitable Gina Torres, of Pearson-Specter-Litt, takes power dressing to a whole new level.

Joan Watson 

The Sherlock Holmes-inspired Elementary is no chart topper, but Lucy Liu is a stylish pretext for tuning in. The actor, playing Watson, adds a grown-up elegance to the most unusual, tweensy separates. Want to rock a mini skirt in your 30s? Take a cue from the best-dressed sleuth on television.

Elizabeth Jennings

The ‘80s are back in vogue so it was only fitting we included this. As a covert Russian spy during the Cold War in the United States, Keri Russell is impeccably styled. When she is not in curve-hugging dresses and separates or in an assortment of trendy masquerades, she exhibits a refined take on the decade’s elaborate looks.

Mindy Lahiri

We can never have enough of Mindy Kaling’s cheery OB/GYN and her eclectic outfits. If you are intimidated by patterns and colours, watch the adorable Dr Lahiri pair brights, neons, and mismatched prints effortlessly. Dressing for work doesn’t get any happier.


Note how these ladies turn off-beat pieces into wearable options. Get creative by personalising these looks for your line of work.

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Featured image: Veep. Images courtesy Pinterest

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