Timeless Style Icons: Age-Defying Fashion Influencers

They are young, they are lively, and they are here! Sounds familiar? Well, consider this: They are ageless, beautiful, and rocking it! A generation of people has come into the spotlight, defying age convention, and living by their own rules. Think Iris Apfel, Helen Mirren, Cher, and Nick Wooster—these timeless style icons show us that age, truly, is just a number.


Helen Mirren


If you think only George Clooney is getting better as time passes, it’s time you check out Philippe Dumas. This tattooed 60+ Parisian, who studied law and worked in advertising, is now a bonafide male model with over 27,000 followers on Instagram, all fans of his charming beard, charming looks, and flawless pose.


Shoot for electrical tricycle EVASION. Back stage. Save the planet.

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If you find this anomalous, you’ve probably not heard of the force that is Carmen Dell’Orefice. This beauty has modelled for the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolex, received a doctorate for her contribution in fashion from the University of Arts in London, and at 85 is the oldest working supermodel.


Talking of age, one cannot miss Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind Chanel, Fendi, H&M, Hollford, Chloe, and his own eponymous label. All of this at 82, and the German born French resident is least interested in drawing the curtains on his flamboyant life and career. Lagerfeld isn’t just an accomplished designer, but also a photographer, style icon, and short film director.


Joan Didion

Talking of fashion labels, a number of esteemed fashion houses have taken a more age-diverse route to style. Take for instance, Joni Mitchell the legendary singer who was picked by Saint Laurent Paris as their brand ambassador at the age of 70. Saint Laurent’s move coincided with Celine choosing author Joan Didion as the face of their SS15 campaign.

Of all the milestones these timeless style influencers have achieved, this is perhaps the most important one. Age is a most trivial thing when it comes to pursuing what you love, we couldn’t thank these luminaries enough for this life lesson.


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Images: Flickr; Pinterest; Vimeo; Wikipedia Commons

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