Bizarre Trends: What Not To Wear In 2016

Times flies and this year just went by in a snap. From political reforms (or the lack of it) to avant-garde trends, 2015 has been an epic year in many respects. An emoticon made it to the dictionary as did the word athleisure, and the year has been a celebration of social media and small ideas that went big and viral. We discovered numerous fashion trends we love and hope to see more of next year. Some like the bomber, are new and edgy, others like monochromes are old favourites. But to round off 2015, are those bizarre trends that we hope to bid farewell as the midnight hour strikes. Ladies and gentlemen, strike these off your sartorial list for the coming year.


Asymmetry is welcome, but the mullet is rarely ever stylish. And don’t get us started on these barely there threads disguised as distressed denims.


If leggings were trousers, they would be called just that. Drop crotch pants are best worn on stage, and we are suffering an overdose of lace-ups.


Gorgeous as they may be, the only purpose of blinged out headphones is to weigh you down. Nailing shine and sparkle isn’t easy, let them not ruin a gentlemanly pair of shoes.

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