5 Party Guests You Will Run Into This New Year’s Eve

Whether you are hosting a year-end party or crashing one, parties are just the place to meet new people. The food and drink may be great, but what will make parties truly memorable are the prize specimens you meet through the night. Listing here, our favourite five variety of party guests you will spot this New Year’s Eve. We’ve been waiting an entire year to run into them.


The social butterfly Members of this group are called butterflies for a reason, flitting from one guest to another before you can gobble up a single jalapeno popper. From their iPhone to your choice of drink, anything can start a conversation. They shower you with information, food, and drink—provided it’s on the house—and will hunt down all your social media handles before midnight strikes.

The bombshell You know they have arrived when a sudden circle of admirers appear out of nowhere whipping out cellphone for instapics, offering  free cocktails, and getting the DJ to play their tunes. If this squad doesn’t think you are worthy of attention, you may as well be invisible to their fan following. We’d rather have our own gang of friendlier folks—you can sit with us.

The photographer You just can’t get the camera off their hands. The click happy folks whip out their phones even before you’ve exchanged first names. Expect to find yourself tagged in multiple photos with people you wouldn’t remember if you met for brunch next day. If your idea of a happening night doesn’t include new Facebook albums, stay away from their selfie sticks.

The broken drunk “I miss you baby! I am sorry about what happened! Please come back!” Sounds familiar? The broken drunk is as integral to the party as the host. We’ve all been this way—for those left high and dry, a room filled with loud merrymakers isn’t a mood-lifter. remember though, lend your ear to this disheartened lot and you will be in a nightlong conversation about love and loss.

The silent nerd Have you noticed the quiet ones who perch in the corners looking so very glum? They would much rather be home than checking out the bombshells. Yet here they are, with the endless drinks on the table their only respite. On the bright side, they are often the ones likely to get you home safe when you are drunk and done for the night.

Watch out for the other regulars on the party guests list too—the compulsive dancers who will jive to anything from Pink Floyd to Honey Singh, the self-proclaimed bartender stuffing you with god-awful drinks, and the gossip gang who don’t understand why Taylor Swift’s next date doesn’t matter to you. Think of this motley crew as the party’s most unique attractions and you will exit with enough anecdotes to last all of January.

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