Three ways to do summer staples – Tanks & Shorts!

What are the three cool things about summer ladies? Snow-cones, sun tan and, tank & shorts! This combination is a safe –bet when it comes to dressing up for the summer. It’s hot; you need something comfortable with oodles of cool to get you blazing through the season! Follow our lead, as we throw some #outfitinspo at ya!

Boy That’s Hot

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Let’s retro to the good old 90s! What’s more classic than a louchey knotted T-shirt, sizzling hot pants and some Adidas to go on with it? If you throw on a couple of skate boards in there, you’ve got yourself ‘A- RHCP-music-video-cool’ outfit!

Overalls Overhauling

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Who said you gotta play by the book! Throw the book out and throw on some overall shorts. Wear it with a crop top, tee or a tank, the outcome will be the same – Hotness overload! Keep the accessories casual. A pair of flats, a satchel and you will be all set to seize the day!

Twin It, To Win It!

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What’s the upgrade on old shorts and tanks? New and improved co-ords! You don’t need to be on the beach to make this outfit work. One statement accessory like a hat or stunning heels should set the right tone for the season! Go out and have some fun!

Here are our ideas for a twist on the classic shorts and tank tops combo, which one is your favourite! And as we sign off, a word of caution! Slap on the sunscreen  and let the worries melt with the sun!

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