How do you keep the energy intact while working from home? Are you in your comfort zone or is your productivity lagging? A lot of us are currently lacking the energy juices required to keep us motivated. Office space and working in real-time with colleagues set a formal tone and a more efficient work culture. But working from home might not be the easiest.

Initially, I faced this issue too, so here’s what I did to beat those blues, with blue and more. I used Color therapy to brighten up my mood and lighten the dull vibes around me. As a Colour Consultant myself I understand the value of how colours can play a role in different areas. To know what I mean, come along and learn the basic nature of each colour.

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Red is the colour of love. Red is often used as a colour to depict energy. If you’re lacking motivation and need a boost of confidence the colour Red will save your day.


Yellow, the uncommon colour, mostly because of how bright and bold it is. But why shy away from it? Yellow is the colour of intellect, so if you’re a student or your work requires any form of study choose Yellow. It will lift up your spirits and your self-esteem, as it is perceived, the colour of sunlight.


Green indicates the physical body balance so if you’re feeling weak physically and need that push, go green. We all need a dose of peace and harmony at this time and Green being related to the heart chakra will make us feel aligned.


As simple as this colour is, the colour of mud, the colour associated with feeling grounded. Brown is the earthy colour if you’re looking to connect with your roots and nature.


Is it that day you need some extra love, love for thyself? If you answer yes, then Pink is the colour to be surrounded by. Focusing on nurturing and self-love is made easier when surrounded by Pink.


As we already know, Blue is the colour that calms the mind. If you’re feeling, anxious or stressed blue is a great colour to surround yourself with. It is also the colour of communication so if you have an important web meeting, blue will help you put down your points, just the way you want it!


Many as a boost for confidence, often choose Black. If your work demands authority and creating power for yourself then go for black.


The colour white represents purity and peace. Days you’re looking to be peaceful and in harmony, opt for white.


Now that you know what every colour can do for you, you may wonder how do you add them to your workspace? You can try adding colour in any of the following ways –


  • Use a table runner on your current worktable with the colour you need to be surrounded with.
  • Don’t have a desk? Change the colour of the cushion that you use for back or laptop support.
  • If your bed is your current workstation, Change your bedsheet to your desired colour.
  • Change the colour of your desktop screen with an image where your colour is highlighted.
  • Wear what you feel, choose your clothes wisely with the colour, that you need the most for the day.

To keep it more interesting, explore new spots at home to work at, don’t just fix yourself to one position, it will keep thing exciting. Take short breaks, stretch your body. Play light soothing music if doesn’t cause hindrance to your work or to the people near you. Happy Working!

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