Trendy colour combinations to get perfect summery look

Summer is here and the first thing that comes to our mind is to switch to clothes that make you feel cooler. Due to the current pandemic going on all across the world. We all are stuck inside our homes. Being said that the best way to uplift our monotonous day is by adding some pop of colours. Here are the best colour combinations you can try to cheer up everyone’s mood and bring little joy. After all, we all need that badly, isn’t it?

Millennial Pink


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This shade is all about the subtle colours: think peach, rose, blush, and salmon. Since most of the time, we stay home so a pair of comfortable shorts or skirt will keep you stylish and easy throughout the day. A more washed-out pinks than vibrant takes work well with combinations like olive tones, warm bronzes, and browns. Even an Indian kurta dress with some light prints can easily give a dress-up look.

Olive Green


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This shade of green can be the new black for you. The subtle shade makes it versatile with a tint of neutral tone. Goes well when paired with everything from white and brown and orangish-yellow. Not just for women but this is a perfect colour for men as it isn’t loud or traditionally gendered. Hence it is a lot easier to slip into men’s wardrobe. It works well in basics like T-shirts but a light jacket or over shirt look is trending this season.

Effortless neutral


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As the title sounds, this is all about throwing a white tee and pale bottoms. With the temperature rising high every day, this colour combination will make your eyes colder and cooler. Neutral colours are known for effortless put-together looks. Create monochrome looks for your online meetings by dressing up in single colour and accessories with silver hoops or pendants of your choice to create a polished outfit.

Orangish Yellow


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Perfect to welcome spring by dressing up in this colour. Yellow spreads energy and happiness with its attention-grabbing tone. There’s no denying that this colour is tricky because of the power it holds. Hence keep the bottom black or blue to toned down the look a bit. 

Pastel blue


We all know how summer and pastels are made for each other. Following various trendsetter’s footsteps, here are two looks that you can try your hands on this summer. A lighter shade of blue will go with a wide variety of things. As shown don’t mix this with other jazzy shades, instead try tops, lightweight knits, or T-shirts in cream, stone, and beige.

Colours bring hope to our life. It is the hottest season of the year and we are all at home. Let’s spend some time with our wardrobe too.  Clean your clothes, buy new colour combinations and donate the old ones to the needy. Remember we have a lot to look forward to this too shall pass.  Dressing up is one way to show self-love and care.

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