BLAST FROM THE PAST -1950s Fashion

1950’s era fashion was much inspired from the late ’40s, the ‘New Look’ by Christian Dior. The style and silhouette of the 1950s can be identified as feminine and structured. To give the outfit a defined shape Women wore cone-shaped bullet bras for a protruding bust to balance the hip curve, net petticoats for enhancing volume in skirts and girdles for a flat tummy, and defined hip-shape for a perfect hourglass figure. Couture designs were now becoming popular with Women, as post-war Women developed more love for shopping and looking stylish at all times.   


Women in the early ’50s continued in their voluminous skirts and dresses. 50’s swing dress was a common style worn by women at home and occasionally for running light errands but with matching accessories on like jewelry, gloves, hat, or purse. The classic 50’s skirt, Circle skirts were worn over fluffy petticoats to add volume. In the late ’50s, voluminous skirts were getting replaced with slimmer skirts, the Sheath dress or Pencil skirts which defined an hourglass shape with a girdle worn below. Women also wore sack dresses and shirt dresses during the day. The 1950 era was well known for polka dot prints and geometric patterns. 



In the early ’50s, wide-legged pants were still in style, but later Women started embracing narrow styles like cigarette pants up to ankle length, Capri pants up to mid-calf length, and pedal pusher pants up to knee length. Capri pants were cuffed sometimes in the same fabric as the top.



Eveningwear in the ’50s meant more class and sophistication. Women wore knee-length ball gowns for a special occasion and full-length ball gowns for a formal occasion. These Ball gowns resembled very much the Cinderella gown fitted from the top, voluminous below the waist, strapless or off-shoulder style. Rich fabrics like satin, net, silk, and taffeta were ideal choices for evening wear outfits.



A woman in the ’50s was always dressed her best. She loved styling herself from hair, makeup to accessories matching with the outfit. Women matched hats according to the occasion and style of the dress, coolie hat, pillbox, picture style hat, or ballerina hat. For some casual occasions, a woman would use flowers as a hair accessory. Hobo handbag made of plastic, straw, fabric, or mesh for the day and clutch to go with evening wear. Cotton gloves were worn in the ’50s, short gloves for the day and long gloves for the evening. High-heeled court shoes, kitten heels, ballet flats, or stilettoes for shoes with decorative options like bow or crystal clips. Pearl, gold, and beaded necklaces were famous jewelry choices in the ’50s.


Audrey Hepburn’s Gamine haircut was very popular amongst women in the 50’s. Some Women liked to style their hair in Poodle cut. Makeup was simple and natural, pale skin, bright lips, and doe-eyed eyeliner.

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