‘Organic skincare’ you’ve for surely heard this at-least once but if you’re wondering, is this just another fad or is this here to stay? Let’s break it down for you – The term organic literally means – produced by or using natural materials, without artificial chemicals. Given our lifestyle today the pollution rate is at its highest, water & food are not at its purest form, the skincare and make-up products that we use are highly concentrated with chemicals. One cannot completely avoid this at once but you can start with one little step at a time. If you’d like to learn more about this check out our blog on – 7 Steps to a sustainable 2021. 

The benefits of going organic – Good Skin, Ingredients that are safe for the skin, your contribution towards global warming with no chemical usage in the products and supporting young homegrown brands that create eco-friendly products with less wastage. We swear these brands are not heavy on the pocket.

Mama Earth 

Mama Earth is a well renowned skincare brand with a massive following in the Indian market. You may have heard about this from your favorite beauty gurus. But do you know they also make organic skincare products for babies?

Our recommendation – Their onion hair oil makes wonders and their face serums are too good to be true!

Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth & Hair Fall Control

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Here’s a lesser known brand we love and we’re sure you’d love it too! Neev can be found online or in select organic supermarkets near you. 

Our recommendation – We love their kesar badam series so do check them out!

Anti Ageing Kesar Badam Face wash

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Khadi natural is yet another supermarket-famous organic skincare brand. Khadi offers a wide range of daily use products at an affordable price. 

Our recommendation – If you love soap bars, you must check out Khadi’s soap range their aromatic soaps smell like you’re in a Spa. 

Khadi Aloevera Soap

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Plum is yet another renowned skincare brand known for its wide range of products. From shampoos to serums, they have it all! We love Plum for the fact that it is 100% vegan and non-toxic. 

Our recommendation – Their tea tree timers are well heard of and we’d definitely recommend their shampoos.

Plum Complete Care for Dry, Dull Hair

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Bon Organics 

Bon Organics is love, as they don’t only have skin care products for women but for Men too. If you’ve been looking for all natural lip products, Bon Organics is here for you!

Our recommendation – We highly recommend their Mint lip balm and their lip stains.

Bon Organic Wild Mint Lip Balm

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Overall, we definitely think organic skincare products are here to stay and it works wonders, given that you find the right product for your skincare. These recommendations are general and are subject to change according to each individual’s skin type.

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