Figure of Speech: The Art of Confident Body Language

Mae West, American actress and singer, always had a cheeky quote up her sleeves. Like when she said, “I speak two languages, body and English.” Conversing without words may seem like an unheard of phenomenon. The truth, however, is that your body has an undisclosed vocabulary of its own. Every posture, every gaze you hold sends across a multitude of signals (both positive and negative). Think of your body as a programme that’s constantly sending out visually coded messages. We are here to help you break this code with these simple indicators of self-assured body language.


Eye Contact

Gaze, don’t stare. A direct eye contact with a smile says you are confident whereas breaking eye contact or looking down signals shyness, submission or shame.

Facial Expression

A relaxed facial expression (cue to smile) conveys likeable personality. Squinting, blinking too much or arching eyebrows could communicate nervousness.


Speak coherently and concisely to exude confidence. A rushed speech may give the impression you’re rambling.


Moderate your tone of voice. Too low and you could be mumbling, too loud and you may end up yelling.

Arms and Gestures

Resort to purposeful and deliberate movement. Crossing arms, clasping hands behind the back, or tapping fingers indicate defensiveness, shyness, and boredom.


A strong handshake with a firm grip, that’s neither crushing nor limp projects confidence and self- assurance.


Sitting or standing upright, with your feet flat on the floor and shoulders pulled back reflects a poised and confident demeanour.


Shaking or moving legs a lot and crossing legs away from a person may send a range of negative signals, from nervousness and lack of self-confidence to complete disregard.

Your body language can make or break a first impression. So pay close attention to the tiniest details of this tacit method of communication, for a dignified and confident aura.

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