7 ways to socialise at a party

Anxious. Nervous. Tense. Most of us associate these words with socialising at a gathering or party. We tend to become self-conscious and worried and usually find ourselves alone in one corner of the room. Although not all of us can be social butterflies, we can surely learn to enjoy ourselves and be confident in social situations with a few simple tips and tricks. Read on to learn how to overcome your fears and appear more self-assured.


Believe in yourself

Consider your invite for a party as a new way of socialising and making connections. Look at it as an opportunity to grow your business network as well. Focus on believing in your capabilities and feeling secure about yourself.


Be well dressed

Grooming yourself is most important. Look polished and smell pleasant. Wear clothes that compliment your body shape and personality. This will automatically help you feel more confident.


Mind your body language

Pay attention to your gestures as they help you communicate better. Try to stand tall and walk like a winner when you enter a party. Relax your shoulders, keep your chin up and maintain a confident and calm demeanour while you scan the room. When people talk to you, move your torso and toes towards them. Don’t touch your face and hair constantly. Playing with objects or fiddling will make you seem distracted and disinterested. Also, avoid standing or sitting with your arms or legs crossed. This tends shows that you are not open to interacting with others.


Be approachable

Sitting alone in a corner, occupied with your phone will make you seem insecure and anti-social. Instead walk around, look for openings and initiate conversations with as many people possible. Offer a handshake and introduce yourself upon meeting a new person. Be a good listener and take care not to be highly opinionated. Be honest, polite and compliment those around you.


Make eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is important while conversing with people. Avoid staring; you can occasionally look away while talking. Notice the body language of the person during the conversation. Change the topic if your notice the person fidgeting or looking away. Be it an old friend or a new acquaintance, stick to this rule.


Watch your tone

Be aware of your tone of voice during a conversation. Speak slowly while talking, you will appear more confident. Initiate open ended questions to create more opportunities for discussions and keep the conversation interesting.


Be aware of your facial expressions

Be aware of your facial expressions while greeting somebody. You need to show that you’re interested in striking up a conversation. Don’t push your self too hard to get noticed. Above all, wear a bright smile and stay down to earth.

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