Go Vegan with Faux Leather

Faux leather has been in trend from the 2000s and this time it’s going to be a big fashion trend for SS’20. This time you will see the trend emerging in high scale and evolve to lighter and brighter pieces like summer jackets, skirts, boots, etc. Bright coloured faux-leather is about to make its debut on the fashion shows this season and it’s probably the most anticipated trend of this season as you are known for all those who are already vegan, it’s a celebration time for them and it’s a way through which we can eradicate animal sufferings.

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Imagine yourself wearing a soft tan faux-leather slip dress this summer, Sounds interesting? 

If you’re not enough daring or you’re someone who likes neutral tones not to worry, we have got you covered. Vegan leather is the option for you and you’ll surely be spoilt for choices starting from dreamy dresses to chunky boots that look surprisingly as good as the real deal.

And for all those super lively people who dare to dress in brighter colours can consider wearing lemon yellow faux-leather and can clash it with low tonal hues like lilac or tan to create a statement.

You can also go for a less dramatic look and opt for a buttery yellow jacket. Wear it over your flattering dress when it gets hot outside. Trust us, faux-leather jackets are something you need to have in your wardrobe this season. It’s also a guilt-free fashion so; why not get your hands on it? And also it’s going to stay much longer with you than you imagine.


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This time the concept of faux-leather dressing is much more prominent than ever before. And the best part is you can easily pull off these trendy vegan options this spring summer and fall in love with the luxury of owning a mesmerising luxe piece of faux-leather.

If you’re a minimalist or more of a neutral person, you can get your hands on black, brown, or tan hued faux-leather pieces that are not only versatile but easy-going at the same time.

This time the fashion and runway shows are also going to witness leather jackets and dresses with crispy clean lines and minimal embellishments which is like a dream come true for people who like aesthetic beauty fused with minimalism. 

It’s the perfect time for purchasing a luxe piece of faux-leather!

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These leather pieces are surely going to make you stand out in the whole crowd. Also you can streamline the outfit just by emphasising the beauty of faux-leather. You can also find affordable pieces and accessories in faux-lather for which you won’t have to burn your bank balance. You can also mix and match various pieces together to create an ensemble. This time the designers are not merely focusing on novel designs but also evoking the sense of minimal mood through their creations. Light-weight faux-leather jackets and dresses may sound like an oxymoron but it’s one of the biggest trends this season that’s undoubtedly going to wreck the glass ceilings and reach dizzying heights.

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