‘Trends change but fashion goes on forever’. Fashion remains a classic for centuries, it keeps reinventing in a contemporary style as a trend. Because trends change with season and time, but what is always cherished in the long run is fashion. Do you love to keep up with trends but don’t know the origin where it all began? You may have often heard trends from the era being referred to as the ’20s or the ’70s are but how do you relate to it without knowing the history of fashion?

History of Fashion is itself a broad topic, but how about knowing the key trends of the era? Read along in this series of blogs to know the key trends of each era and how it shapes our current day fashion scenario.

The Roaring Twenties is how famously the 20’s era was referred to in America. The 20’s era was very significant for Women’s fashion as it was taking more liberty in style and comfort. Back in the 1920s there was a dress for every occasion, every time of the day, for every age and occupation. Women would strictly adhere to dress code depending on time and occasion.


During the day Women wore Long drop-waist dresses covering the knee with straight silhouette and band at hip level. In the beginning years of the era, dresses were worn up to ankle length but after 1925 the length kept changing and dresses were worn up to knee-length, as seen in the below image how the length of the dress varied year on year.

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Flapper Dresses were worn by the flapper girls, back then referred to as stylish young women who especially enjoyed dancing on jazz music. They wore dresses that were beaded, fringed, or embroidered often with art deco designs. The dresses were also below knee length with low necklines as seen in the image. Flapper dresses were also spotted in The Great Gatsby movie.

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Young adventurous women who liked hiking, horse riding, and other high-intensity outdoor sports wanted to be more comfortable in their clothing and that’s when the Jodhpur pants aka plus fours, togs came into the scene. They were wide and baggy at the hips often paired with a shirt, tie, and stockings.

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Women never left their house without wearing a hat and the one that defined the fashion statement the most that era was the Cloche hat. It resembled the shape of a bell because of its low brim. Cloche hats worn in the evening were adorned with beads or lace as compared to keeping it simple during the daytime.

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Other accessories famous among women of the ’20s were chinchilla fur wraps, stoles for the evening, pearl necklaces. For footwear, oxford shoes, Mary Jane’s or T-strap shoes were widely used by women at different times of the day.

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Bob haircut and marcel wave hairstyle was the rage amongst Women in the 20’s. They also loved keeping their makeup defined with dark eyes and lips. Thin eyebrows and cupid bows style was a big trend in The Roaring Twenties.

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