Got a sweet tooth and not sure how to satisfy it? Has quarantine got your mind wandering sometimes and you’re looking for some soul therapy? What if I told you, baking calms down your mind and works just like therapy because it’s food for the soul after all? 

With shortage of bread around and craving for sweet something, I arrived at the idea of baking. Not being a pro at it I obviously wanted to begin with basic recipes, ingredients that are available with me and easy to make. I found this experience to be therapeutic and that’s why I want to share the same with you. 


Baking is like therapy just like one of your hobbies, it may seem challenging in the start but as you go with the flow (the making) you’re into it and by the end of it you’re indulging in it. To begin with baking a cake, thanks to Internet there are so many tutorials that can help you, but knowing which ones would work for you really matters. No refined flour? No problem. No eggs? Not required always! No oven? Don’t worry. In baking almost every time there’s an alternative solution, you just have to make sure you’re following the right recipe. I made a cake with just 5 ingredients. Can you believe it? It was shocking when I found what I could do with just 5 ingredients, but trust me it was no different from the flour made cake.

The cake was out of the world and surprisingly very easy to bake.


Finding bread right now is like finding treasure, with so much demand for it. It’s so hard to get hands on it.  Are you giving up already? Well don’t, many of my friends have resorted to baking their own bread and they tell me the results have been magnificent. There’s something about freshly baked bread that comes straight to you without being processed which is usually the case with store brought bread, to increase the shelf life.  These are some tried and tested recipes shared by my friends and I’m going to try this sometime soon too.



These recipes make, baking bread look easy and delicious! There are so many videos available to bake bread without oven also feel free to browse. 


For that midnight craving, you’re hungry, you’re craving for something chocolaty, but you’re also trying to keep up with your diet. At such tough times, instant mug cake is your savior. What if I tell you there are some healthy alternates to your regular mug cake recipes? I was skeptical how this would turn out too but it was totally worth it! This recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a guilt free indulgence, without an oven and looking to make only one portion for yourself without leftovers or hassle. In this tutorials there are 3 different recipes and if you don’t have these ingredients like me, you could use the alternatives suggested in the video.


Happy sweet indulgence, Stay home and bake! Do share your baking experience in the comments below.

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