Top 8 sites to shop winter-wear in India

Cold breeze, Balmy evenings, dripping weather, in short, winter is here and so are the layers! The sweater weather is for sure our favourite, because who doesn’t love the season of hot chocolate and boots? Winter fashion can be a serious challenge when you don’t have the right clothes. Winter collection is also very minimal provided only by handful number of brands in India. Of course our favorite high street stores like ZARA, H&M, Forever 21 etc. are the obvious choices, but if you’re looking to explore more options locally from brands that offer chic and stylish winter wear at an affordable price here are some of the lesser-known brands that offer amazing winter wear collection at a great price.

But before we move to our brand list, let’s get you sorted with what you need for a capsule winter wear wardrobe. The key to a good winter wardrobe is layering, often the most important layers are forgotten and all we concentrate is on sweaters and pullovers. Of course you need these too but with single inner pieces there’s not much you can do with styling your look, in fact in attempt of not repeating sweaters you often end up buying more than you require. That’s why outer layer is so important to keep you warm and stylish! So here’s a guide to your capsule winter collection.

 Jacket/Coat – Depending on how cold it is choose a jacket for yourself. If the winter is moderately cold you can go with leather or a bomber jacket. If you live in an extremely cold region Coats are a must!! Get a coat in either pea style or straight shaped in wool.

Colour – Your first and safest bet should be – Camel or Black.

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Stole – Stoles give so much warmth to your upper neck area. This accessory can also take your outfit from 1 to 100 with just a tie. There are so many ways you could wear a stole and give an entirely new look to your outfit. 

Colour – Blue, Off-White or Grey in wool or knit. 

Inner Top – The tops you choose can be the binding element of your outfit. Since you’re going to be repeating your jacket and stole, the inner top should be in a contrasting colour, pattern or with printed slogan. Opt for knit or wool, in styles like turtleneck, pullover, sweater or jumper. Shop your favorite styles of clothes with up to 50% off on sale now at the Sweater Shop online. Turtleneck is my absolute favourite winter wear regardless of trends, it elevates the look of the outfit and looks so classy!

Colour – Bright colours like Orange, Red, Mustard. Deep colours like Bottle Green, Navy Blue, Mauve, Burgundy.

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Boots – Boots are so dapper and the style you choose speaks volumes about your persona. If you’ve been shying away from this, please don’t, there’s a style for everybody, high heel, mid heel, no heel. Ankle length, calf length, knee length. If you’re a newbie to boots mid heel, ankle length boots, will easily go with all your outfits. 

Colour – Black, Mahogany Brown, Tan brown.

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Sneakers/Trainers – While Boots are idle for dressier occasions; sneaker is the go to everyday option in winter. Almost all of us already own a pair of sneaker or trainer we love, if you don’t get yourself a sleek sneaker or chunky trainer shoes. 

Colour – White 

Hat(Optional) – If you’d like to go an extra mile to look sassy this winter don’t miss out on this accessory. Think Emily in Paris, hats just drive us to a dreamy Parisian winter! Beret or beanie, you choose!

Colour – Red, Pink, White, Grey or Nude Brown.

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For bottom wear you can always resort to your favorite denim jean in your wardrobe. Wear thermals below to keep you warmer. Quirky printed socks are also a way to add drama to your outfit.

Top 8 sites to shop winter-wear from-

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