The Art of Accessorising

Accessorising your ensemble is integral and can make or break your look. Easy to experiment with, they can be game-changing.

The handbag you carry, the earrings you choose to wear, the lip colour you thought looked good on you and even the hat you expected would go with everything – all of these are accessories that help to enhance your outfit.

Choosing the right accessories for a particular occasion and outfit can be a tedious job. Do  hours of shopping, we find ourselves in a situation where nothing seems to look good. The easiest way to end such accessory woes is to follow a few basic guidelines.

  1. When choosing an accessory, you should always keep in mind the outfit you plan to wear for the occasion.
  2. You should always maintain a balance between your outfit and accessories. The accessory you choose to wear should compliment your outfit.
  3. There should be one common element or theme between the outfit and accessories. Be it colour, fabric, style or design.  
  4. Your accessories should harmonise not just with your outfit but with each other as well.
  5. Accessories are your best friends, as they help you to enhance your focal points and also hide the not so interesting parts of your body.  

If you’re still unsure of accessorising right, here are a few ensemble inspirations for different occasions.



For work place, keep your accessories minimal and classy. Go for nude makeup to keep your look simple. Fine jewelries are the best way to accessorise at work. And, a good classic fragrance is must.



Airport looks are nothing less than a fashion statement now. Following celebrity foot steps, people are showcasing major style statements as they travel. Keep your travel accessories fuss free yet eye catching. A statement sunglass or a flashy handbag is enough to turn heads at airports.



We know that vacation is all about taking a break from your monotony and just relaxing. But, you ought to look perfect in those breathtaking instagram pictures. Don’t forget to accessorise that swimsuit with a lovely hat while going to the beach; or to wear the chic-est sneakers while strolling through the mountains.



Evening is the perfect time to bring out the glam Goddess within you. Choose elegant and statement accessories from LacKore to go with your sexy evening dress.



Brunch time is to present your style personality with a carefree vibe. Funk up that summer dress with some trendy sunglasses. Keep your accessories strictly effortless with an element of surprise; like an overall simple outfit with a statement handbag is enough to quirk up your brunch look.

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