You have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? This is one scenario we all know too well! The key is to repeat clothes without it getting monotonous. The secret lies in accessorizing! The ever so trusted side-kick, without whom the superhero is incomplete. Now, there is no need to break your back trying to stuff your already overflowing wardrobe with even more accessories. Let go of excess and embrace minimalism with open arms. We’ve listed the only 10 accessories you would need to revamp any outfit. Mix and match to create new #ootds every day, your Insta feed beckons!

One | Bold Sunglasses.

For the days you feel like living in loose T-shirts and jeans, this one will come in handy. Tie your hair up in space buns and throw on a quirky pair to complete the outfit. My go-to shape is a pair of cat-eye shades from Pure Optical. They never go wrong. They bring playfulness to even the plainest of outfit there is. If this is too much minimalism to take in at once, you can have 3 – a cat-eye, an aviator and a lennons. One super plus? On days you haven’t had enough sleep, it comes in handy to hide those puffy eyes.


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Two | Square Scarf

This one is finally having its moment in the sun! The runways are beaming with various ways to wear scarves. Weave it in, with your plaid for a playful, back to school look or tie it around your neck to channel French-chic vibes. Our just wrap it around your neck on days that you want a little ‘pick-me-up’ and fast. Scarves are super versatile as an accessory. You can wear it as a belt or a top, this multi-tasking accessory is a must in every wardrobe.


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Three | Stockings

Stockings are a great way to add some personality to any outfit. Wearing fishnet or patterned stockings under a skirt, shorts or baggy t-shirts is a quick and a simple way to elevate the outfit; one added benefit is that it protects your legs during colder months.


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Four | Statement Sneakers

Stilettos are so last season, kick this season off with some statement sneakers. It adds the perfect contrast to any outfit. Wear it with a formal attire for a touch of rebellion. And when paired with a casual outfit it adds a hint of louche.


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Five | Bracelets

Another fashion staples are bracelets, find one in neutral gold or silver tones to pair it with just about everything. If this is too basic for you, get one in coloured or animal patterns to add some drama to an attire. Just like the sunnies, if one isn’t enough. Get three, a link bracelet, a chunky cuff and a demure chain link bracelet.


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 Six | Metal Watch

This goes hand in hand with number five, a classic metal watch in either gold or silver can be your go-to accessory for instant pizzazz. Couple it with the assortment of bracelets to create an arm stack. This adds much-needed boldness to any garb.


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 Seven | Nose Ring

This one is a subtle but a strong accessory. It’s has a personality of its own, which can add much-needed stance to regular everyday attire.


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Eight | Earrings

Over-sized earrings almost never go wrong. Get yours in neutral tones – gold & silver or go in for a pop of colour; either will work just fine with most outfits. Invest in bolder designs so that you can wear them as a stand-alone  to complement both formal and casual wear.


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Nine | Statement Necklace

Just like the earrings, go big or go home. Pick a necklace to complement your bracelet, since most of the time that is the combo you will wear. The rule is the same, select pieces with drama to dress up any outfit.


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Ten | Funky Belts

The last one is not an accessory it is a staple, a classic black belt and one in tan is all you need to upgrade your everyday attire. Wear double belts to add instant street-cred to your #ootd.


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There you have it, ten pieces that you should always have in your wardrobe. We know minimalism is hard to stick to, but this could serve as a great foundation. Start here and see where it leads you.

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