Do you know what my favourite part of a fashion week is? The amazing street style you witness. I mean sure the shows are great, but what personally excites me is the chance to see these trends in action, away from the runway, on the road, doing everyday mundane tasks such as sipping on some coffee, catching a smoke break, browsing on the phone. It is interesting to see when the trends leave their well-orchestrated avatar on the runway to become a cooler, hipper, dustier version of itself. We’re rounding up our favourites from the archives of Vogue, GQ etc, etc…

The 70s aren’t going anywhere, let’s face it, the music was great, the movies were great, so was the fashion, and it is here to stay! We love the print, it almost has a country vibe, which was brought up to speed, to be appropriately flaunted in 2019.

The man bag now has a mini companion; together they go reach sartorial summits! We love the all black, and j’adore the black velvet pants. What seals the deal though, is the bag on bag combo.

To wear that dress, in that weather shows pure love. While the clothing may not have been weather appropriate, it definitely ticked all the boxes when it came to style. Love the ultra mini-ness of it, almost like a nod to the 60s, done really well.

Punk ain’t dead, yet! Whom am I kidding, long live Nirvana could be stamped on my head and I will wear it with pride. I absolutely love this slightly more finished approach to punk.

Pure safari swag is what this is. The different tones of brown come together beautifully to create an earthy outfit with a punch.

What’s not to love really, in the sea of black, brown and whites, this suit popped and how. This is literally what rocking a head to toe look, looks like.

I would like to call it muted metallics; the slightly subdued version of their silver counterparts. Love the ease of this outfit, where this one statement piece steals the show.

Love the very energy of this outfit! The colours, the movements and the embellishments! This is how you take fringe to the next level.

This back to school look stood out in a crowd of crazy outfits for its mere simplicity. Now, simple does not always mean dull, this outfit has oodles of attitude, without it screaming in your ears for attention.

Most neon looks, very head to toe. I kind of dig this peep-a-boo variant.

And finally, if you are gonna do classic, do it right. Crisp tailoring, beautiful colour scheme and to-the-point accessories! No added frills needed.

Image source : Vogue & GQ

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