Let’s see what 2019 has in store for us in terms of menswear.  Some trends were right up our alley, some may require a little bit of prepping and some two shots of tequila, liquid courage can sort all inhibitions out. Here’s a list of everything we love, loathe and everything in between.


One of the focuses of menswear is tailoring, and this year the focus was on the details. While we expected the usual turn out of tailored suits (we weren’t disappointed) what we didn’t expect was Comme des Garcons over the top take on tailoring! This year is all about sharp cuts, and if we were to follow in the footsteps CDG, a little bit of whimsy.


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This trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The hemlines have ridden an inch or two higher than the norm for this year. The runway was beaming with shorts in various materials, prints, and cuts, what stayed constant was the thigh-grazing super short length. Whether you dabble in it off and on or run with it, is upto you.

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Unconventional sunnies makes it to the menswear realm as well. The cycling sunnies are the ‘IT’ accessories at the moment. Pourquoi pas? In this world where everyone is throwing shade at each other, may as well do it behind some ultra sexy glasses.

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Suits worn over bare chests are hoping for a comeback once again. It’s tailored with a twist. Fairly traditional silhouettes (suits), worn with rebellious irreverence is what this trend is all about. We aren’t complaining, with the temperatures soaring, this could be a breather. Jokes apart, reserve this outfit for dinner with friends and not the client.

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What is menswear without utility really? This year we saw plenty of multi-pocket gilets, jackets and some bizarre mix between the two on the runway. This look is high on the street style radar, where over the top is owned with unwavering confidence.


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Suits took over a more kimono-esque silhouette this season. The tailoring stayed impeccable, but the cut relaxed a bit and flirted with the causal side. The suits were cinched at the waist with an array of options ranging from obis to sleek belts to corsets. Have a look!


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In 2019, the shirt no longer adheres to uniform, hell even complementing colour palettes or prints. This season it’s all thrown in together to create one hot mess! The result will leave you vying for more.

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