Skincare Routine after Hair Removal

Who doesn’t like a fully hair-free body? Laser Hair Removal In Langley is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted body hair. But the removal of unwanted hair comes with its own pros and cons. Frequent sessions to the beauty parlor seem annoying and above all, the pain is undeniable. Here we narrow down a few of the tips and tricks to soothe your skin after shaving or waxing off your hair.

1) Wear Comfy Clothes

Getting done extra sensitive areas like armpits and bikini lines need extra care. These areas can tend to get bumpy rashes or irritations if rubbed against harsh textures. Keep in mind to wear comfy clothes while going for a waxing session in a parlor. You can consider wearing cotton sweatpants and cotton T-shirts. Loose clothes can also be considered as they won’t tend to rub against your freshly waxed skin.

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2) Stay Away From Water

Going to a pool party or a beach vacation? Schedule your waxing session a day before to avoid any kind of irritation or skin concerns. Rethink before directly jumping onto the chlorinated pool or exposing your recently waxed skin to salty seawater as that might cause serious itchiness because your skin becomes a bit more sensitive after getting waxed, learn about the science of laser hair removal by Touch Up Laser in Las Vegas.

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3) Beware of the Sun

Post waxing your skin becomes a bit more sensitive and vulnerable that can easily get affected by the scorching summer sun. Before exposing your skin to direct sunlight consider applying a thick layer of sunscreen with SPF 30+ or more for better protection. So better be safe than sorry!

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4) Aloe the Savior 

Aloe Vera can be the answer to all your skin concerns. Carry a small tube of aloe to the parlor and apply post waxing. Aloe Vera has the potential to instantly soothe your skin and can make your overall waxing experience much comfier. For extra sensitive skinned people, aloe Vera gel can be used even as an alternative to body lotions or moisturizers. 

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5) Avoid Scented Products

Post-wax skincare needs to be gentle and fragrance-free as scented products contain loads of chemicals that might raise skin concerns and lead to serious skin irritation. So consider applying mild and non-scented moisturizer, cleanser or body lotions after getting waxed.

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6) Apply Ice

Ice can be very effective and soothe your recently waxed skin. Apply it over the concerned area on and off for few minutes until you feel completely relaxed. Its cooling sensation can make you feel good in no minute and enhance your waxing experience especially if it’s your first time.

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7) No Touching!

Hush! Hush! Don’t touch. Keep your hands away from the recently waxed skin as it may pick bacteria easily and you won’t want that. Wash your hands with an effective hand wash and apply gentle skincare products with cleansed hands.

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8) Cleanse or Shower Before Waxing

Consider taking shower before out for waxing. As hot water or scented body wash may irritate your post-wax skin. In this way, you can give your skin a relaxed feel before getting into the messy part. Enjoy Waxing!

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