What’s in for fashion and beauty after lockdown?

While we all have related fashion with a fast and changing world but who knew this drastic change could bring even that at pause? Sad part? You are never going to see that fast and vibrant fashion again. Good part? The fashion industry is going to change for good. 

Slowly fashion and beauty industries are switching towards eco-friendly products and are going to focus more on the sustainability part.

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Here also, we have listed down some for you.

5 things that pandemic is going to change in the fashion and beauty world

  1. Evasion of pop shows

We know you all will be excited to go back to stores and malls and shop for your favorite brand. However, the choices are not going to be the same. Rather than seeing more vibrant and pop-up attires for every occasion- it is going to be more of subtle and elegant themes at the stores.


  1. Say goodbye to high heels.

Talking about fashion? The more you are yourself, the more fashion’s true meaning is going to come out. Heels have always taken a special place in our hearts and wardrobes. Not to miss, we wait eagerly to take out our heels and roll the show. But things are going to change for good. Things have slowed down, and people are going to prefer more of “relaxing” appearances.

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  1. Lipstick, what’s that?

Makeup is love but now the style of makeup is going to change. Masks all around, women are going to shift from bright and glittery lip shades to more of subtle and long-lasting lip matte. Isn’t that great?


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  1. Bye-bye tight clothes

Well, it’s not a literal bye-bye but you know what we mean. This time is going to change all “fashion themes”. The more relaxed you get after lockdown, the more you’re going to stay in trend. Brands are shifting their designs from ongoing party trends to more dresses and luxury items that make you comfortable at home. Check out the latest trend of comfort clothing during this pandemic.

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  1. Say yes to eye-makeup.

How come we missed this? We have always wanted people to have a glance at our pointed eye-liners and perfect Kajal. Well, God has given you the chance to showcase it. Make the best out of it.

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Lockdown has changed things in everyone’s life. But on a good side, things are changing for good. Don’t worry, the fashion and beauty industry is going to make sure that they can deliver what you prefer the most. But the only constant thing you have to accept now is “change”.

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