Petite Celeb Style – Pear Shaped Body

In the series on petite body styling, let us take a look at how Kim Kardashian styles herself. Did you know she is a petite i.e under 5’4 feet? The trick in styling is clever use of colours, prints and silhouettes to create the illusion of one’s desired body shape. If your aim is to look taller, then you can take some cues from the this petite fashionista.

High- waisted

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Kim lengthens her frame by wearing high waist pants. At the same time, high waisted pants outline the narrowest part of her torso i.e waist. Isn’t she clever?

Colour blocking coordinates

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Colour blocking helps in diverting attention to the colours. In Kim’s case, she has masterfully taken a high waisted pencil skirt to define her waist.

Subtle prints

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Another major but subtle trick for petites is the subtle print. Kim Kardashian is wearing the snakeskin print in this fitted midi dress but she has made sure the print is not overpowering her petite- pear shaped frame. If you place something bigger / proportionately bigger next to something relatively small in size, the eye is automatically drawn to the bigger or larger design or shape. We want the person to be noticed and not the dress. Contradictory you might think but the outfit’s job is to guide attention to the wearer and not hog the whole attention.

Vertical stripes

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Vertical stripes visually elongate the frame. Kim has successfully used this trick in elongating her under not-so-tall frame in this outfit.

Not-so-favourite look of petite Kim

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I love the high waisted look on anyone and Kim does leverage it to the maximum. However, in this particular trouser, there is a vertical rib which deviates the eye from an otherwise vertically optimised look.

Is there a look of Kim Kardashian’s which, in your opinion, does not flatter her petite frame. Let me know in the comments below.

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