Influencers Who Became Diva In No-Time

We are living in a time when Instagram has taken over, and for every life decision, we look up to it. This isn’t just limited to finding relatable videos or connecting with friends but also finding aspirational influencers who have helped us change our sense of fashion direction and helped us in building new personality. While we can find an endless number of influencers in the market, a few have set the trend for us and are ruling the market. Let’s have a look at them-

  1. Komal Pandey

She is the first to come to our mind whenever we talk about influencer marketing. From promoting affordable clothing styles to representing India in Lakme Fashion Week, she has figured out how to become the diva among us. Her page is an ideal figure representing that fashion needs style, not just money. Check her out; we guarantee you a fresh perspective on fashion.

  1. Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe, a prominent Indian influencer in the fashion and lifestyle industry, is the creator of Arabella, a brand specialising in modern Indian clothing and lifestyle products. Her exceptional style and fashion sense have garnered a substantial following on popular social media channels like Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty, a distinguished Indian influencer in the fashion industry, has gained recognition for her distinctive fashion sense and style. She originates from The Styledge, a fashion and lifestyle blog highlighting her individualistic style, beauty advice, and travel escapades. Santoshi has collaborated with various fashion and beauty brands and has featured her contributions in multiple publications. Additionally, she has a significant social media following on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where she acts as an influencer.

  1. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh, an Indian social media influencer and comedian, gained popularity for her relatable and humorous content. As a content writer, she transitioned to creating videos and has amassed a significant following on YouTube and Instagram with her amusing skits, parodies, and vlogs. 

Dolly’s content often takes on everyday life topics, relationships, and societal norms with a satirical twist, reflecting her bold and unapologetic personality. She’s also an advocate for body positivity and mental health awareness.

  1. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is a well-known Indian fashion influencer, and YouTuber acclaimed for her innovative and engaging content. Her journey as a content creator began with YouTube, where she initially shared videos related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. However, Sejal’s creative range has since expanded, and she now produces travel vlogs, music videos, and short films, demonstrating her versatility and artistic prowess.

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