Influencers Who Look Like Celebrities

As kids, we all heard approximately seven look-a-like faces like ours. It is also predicted that we might meet one similar face at least once in this lifetime. The chances of celebrities meeting their doppelganger increase, and they might get to meet them. 

While all of this sounds crazy, influencers among us who look similar to celebrities exist. Their one look left us in a dilemma: how come a star came from this page? P.S.- We aren’t kidding. 

If you’re someone who loves to do such treasure hunts, then don’t forget to check out these influencers-

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline stepped into Bollywood and won everyone’s hearts, and in this process, we found her Xerox, which took us some time to believe in. Her name is Amanda Cerny; she is a renowned American actress who admitted that there was almost 99.99999% similarity between both.

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Alia Bhatt

Our student of the year didn’t limit her fan following until then. We couldn’t wait to see more of her in different characters with Alia Bhatt coming on screens. While we were waiting for it to happen, this is precisely when Alia’s doppelganger went live with her stunning and captivating pictures mimicking Alia’s Gangubai look. Yes, we are talking about Celesti Bairagey. If you find her in the crowd, find yourself lucky enough to confront Alia in your life.

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Ranveer Singh

Who thought that one day we would get to meet someone like Ranveer Singh? While no one can take his place, how can we ignore the one who looks exactly like him? Thanks to the internet, we were able to hunt this Pakistani guy, named Hammad Shoaib, who is blessed to have the same look and personality. Well, girls! We still have some hope!

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Priyanka Chopra

It’s not just us, but sometimes even celebrities can’t believe they have found someone who looks exactly like them! One such celebrity is Priyanka Chopra, who discovered her doppelganger and pinched herself hard to believe. One of the famous faces, Navpreet Banga, looks exactly like how you would picture Priyanka Chopra. Gossip? Priyanka tried to fool her mom by showing Navpreet’s picture. What else do we need to believe in it?

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Tiger Shroff

Imagine having seven more hot people like Tiger Shroff around you! More than that, imagine finding someone ALREADY! We are talking about David Saharia, who carries the same looks as him! It’s not us, but Tiger Shroff believes in it too!

Share someone whom you think looks exactly like your favourite celebrity and share it with us! You never know; we might find all 7 of these celebrities (wink!) 

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