Curly head’s guide to monsoon hair care

Monsoon is knocking on our doors, soon it will take over. And, anyone with curly hair dreads this season more than anything. Gone are the days of well-behaved locks, come monsoon and you may just want to lock them away. Don’t worry, we’re not letting you go in without an amour! Tuck those fray ends behind your ears and listen closely!

Advise One: Scarfs & Bandanas, are your best friend for the season: It’s humid and it’s only going to get more humid, and your hair will only get frizzier! An easy way to avoid the fray? Tie them up in glorious colours.

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Advise Two: Moisturizing is the name of the game: Honey, yogurt, olive oil, bananas; pull them out of your kitchen, into your vanity. Slather them on and reap the benefits of nature’s goodness.

Advise Three: Let go of them chemicals: This is not only limited to monsoon. Try sulphate, silicone and paraben free products and you will see the difference and so will everyone else around you.

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Advise Four: Listen to your grandmother: She was onto something when she said, oil your hair regularly. Well now we know it’s a long shot. But half an hour before every wash is plenty to keep them curls happy and bouncy. Cold pressed Jojoba oil is a favorite. Mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil, to enjoy the experience more.


And for the final advise: Anti-Frizz with a vengeance: Don’t be afraid to pull out the big guns on days when nothing else works!  Douse them tresses with anti-frizz serums. Remember to do so on damp hair though, before the curls start soaking in the humidity.Choose something with Argan oil and your hair will be grateful for it.

Adopt these easy-peasy steps and you can thank us later. Go get them curls!

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