Precious Cancer

Introvert and unpredictable cancer is one of the signs of the zodiac which will leave you guessing about their exact personality. Do not confuse yourself with the hard shell they put on, because inside there lies a delicate creature who wants care and love.

Among all the 12 zodiac signs, Cancerians are the biggest homebodies and romantics. They love comfort and will splurge on gorgeous, high-end workout wear. They love layering and often are mistaken as conservative, but only their soul mates are aware of their wild side.

Cancerians love vintage stuff. Most of the cancer women adore their grandma’s jewellery or look for vintage stuff while shopping. Being a feminine sign, Cancerians be it men or women, fall for soft fabrics with less detailing of lace or embroidery. Being of the moodiest signs, there style quotient depends lot on their mood. It keeps changing from one day to another. There is always a story behind the Cancer’s fashion stuff, which they always find hard to let go off.

Cancers rule the chest, hence, their wardrobe has at least one piece with fabulous necklines. Cancer men like a low neckline or shirt-buttoned down low, showing off his area of the body and erogenous zone.

Not completely sure of your style as a Cancer? Or need to find a gift for you Cancerian friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Cancer Women


The Cancer Men


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