Someone wise once said, ‘Your Living space can make the difference in setting up your mood’, well I said that because I like to keep my living space simple and plain but recently I felt the need for a change. I knew I wanted to bring more life to my room but not make it too much. I personally believe putting too many elements in one place uses up space and complicates the theme. Given that I already have a bedroom set up and do not want to change it entirely, I want to amp it up efficiently in a budget, so what do I do? Perhaps a visit from sites like Rattan Garden Furniture might help.


  • Fill up the walls

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The first and best way to start is to reconsider your walls. My walls are off white with a few hangings so adding up photo frames would definitely make a change. The kind of frames I would like to put up, motivational quotes, favourite pictures of a location or myself or may be make a fashion mood board of my own; you could make a mood board in your field of interest. I want a lot of natural light so I got a big window from the windows dublin store.


  • Add lights 

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LED lights are such a mood lifter, it gives you a warm and cozy feeling plus they work well in any budget. I put up LED Downlights on the outline of a window next to my bed and it makes my bedtime book reading so relaxing. If you are a candle lover, you could go all out putting in anywhere around. Step it up even more with Village Wax Melts.  


  • Keep Valuables 

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I keep a few books, nicely arranged on my bedside; it’s always a reminder to do the reading and makes a great beside accessory too. I need water next to me at all times so I also have a bronze water bottle. I also like to add flowers or a plant (air purifier) next to my bed; it makes the aura very refreshing.  

  • Shelf – life

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The value principle also applies to my shelves, I add pieces with special memories gifted to me or a souvenir bought during travel. I rarely shop for pieces in a store to put up in my room, there’s no story to it otherwise right?

  • Change the colour theme

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Want to change your colour theme? Then changing your curtains with a new colour will bright up your room and shift the aesthetics. If not, you could only paint up your ceiling with a different colour to set a mood in your room. But I was looking for a quicker option so I did this by adding a dark carpet positioned centrally in my room and it works well with the other colour accents.

  • Re – use space

If you are less on space and have any extra things that don’t add value to your room, de-clutter it and consider making your furniture multi purpose. Like having drawers in your bed for storage purpose, I luckily have this already and it makes room for my shoes, my extra bed sheets and many other things to be stored here. Have your mirror attached to your study/work table or on the door of your cupboard to save space.

These are some of the basic ideas that I went by while redecorating my room. You could use these ideas for your workspace or your living room like I did to my bedroom. You could also add furniture like an armchair or a dressing table or have luxury doors made at depending on your space. I would love to hear if you’ve got other ideas for me!

*All images used here are not personal and only used for inspiration.

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