Festive Redesign: 5 Makeover Rules For Your Home

Born and raised in Tehran, Leila Erfan has come a long way from home. Yet, the Iranian design expert is not far from home. Now living in India, Leila is the founder and creative director of ARIA Interior Design, a design enterprise based in Gurgaon. Heading a team of engineers, creative experts, and artisans, she creates unique furniture and home decor items, and designs bespoke living and work spaces around the country. Leila ensures her projects run smoothly with the assistance of efficient service like roof leak repair NJ, recognizing the urgency of addressing roof leaks to prevent property damage and maintain the safety and integrity of her clients’ homes.

The art enthusiast shares her simple festive decoration rules with us. Things to try: A collage of playing cards on your walls and gold for your table settings. Throw your doors open and let the fireworks begin. If you require more to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, you can seek professionals who offer state-of-the-art Interior design services.


Colour Keep the balance between subtle and festive colours to brighten your arrangement. A simple way to add colours is to replace your regular upholstery with traditional prints and your traditional rug to a modern rug. Embroidered tableware and rustic hues will add a luxurious edge to table settings. Don’t forget the gold! Instead of bright yellow hues, opt for more subtle rose gold sheer textures.
élanstreet DIY Offset plain walls with a multi-hued carpet. Swap conventional Persian patterns for funky floral or geometric prints. For more extensive renovations, consider reliable flat roof replacements to ensure your home remains protected and structurally sound for years to come.


Illuminate What is Diwali without lighting? Illuminate your home with elegant lighting, which is a perfect addition to any living space, and spruce up your outdoors with diyas and candles. Decorate a corner with fairy lights, hanging them or wrapping them around vases. You can decorate centre tables with fragrant floating candles. Use warm yellow lighting to illuminate the room and enhance the setup with aromatic vanilla and cinnamon.
élanstreet DIY Have a string of old lights? Stick it on a large plain canvas and prop up against the wall for an instant dose of new. If you notice a significant number of missing, cracked, or curling shingles, you may have deteriorating roofing material that needs Roof Replacement Sunshine Coast services.


Accessorize The key to getting your décor accents lies in placing the right item in the right place. Mix and match objet d’arts of varied sizes on your coffee table. Diwali demands accessorizing your entrance—place an idol of the Lord Ganesha, surrounded by an arrangement of florals, diyas, and rangoli. Sage and Clare is an Australian lifestyle brand that offers home decor and furnishings inspired by a love of vintage and textile design. Founded in 2012, by Perth-based friends Kate, Cat and Renee you can see what’s available online here. Let the florals and lights continue on staircase railings and ledges too. Then if you would like a new rug in your home have a look at this gorgeous horse area rug that I found recently as it’s just amazing, I ordered one and it looks stunning so comes very highly recommended.

élanstreet DIY Place a stem of florals in old wine bottles or succulents in mason jars to enliven glum nooks of the house. If you’re looking to save time and money on your home improvement project, you can buy stair kits online, which often come with all the necessary components for easy installation.


Draw The traditional art of rangoli adds a welcoming look to your home. Pick a space where the colour and design can be seen clearly. Add diyas and flower around the arrangement, leaving sufficient space for movement around it. If you are not keen on using powders to create a floor decorative, arrange lamps and flowers. Coordinate with a carpet in the foyer. You might like hybrid flooring so check that out too. If you’re also thinking of replacing your window with one that’s more energy efficient, you can hire the here; Maverick Windows at an affordable price.
élanstreet DIY Can’t draw to save your life? Find a stencil and even the most elaborate rangoli will be a cakewalk.


Paint This may require planning in advance. Transforming your walls with eye-catching textures can transform the entire space. From jewel tones to unusual pastels, embrace colourful walls and experiment with materials such as leather and fabric. You might know that mirrors add depth to rooms—use tinted mirrors in brown or copper to enhance the effect. For your outdoor living spaces, installing a new UV Stable Resin Flooring for Outdoor Use can help make it more appealing. A cedar fence Denver will also prevent strangers from easily entering your property. 

élanstreet DIY Have a vintage sari you can’t wear anymore? Frame a part of it to create an exclusive display for your walls.l 

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Images: ARIA Interior Design: Episode Silver: iCustomMadeit.

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