All That Glitters: The Rubans Story

“I can do my make-up sitting in the car,” Chinu Kala beams deftly stroking her lashes with mascara as she gets  ready for our shoot. Her skills with make-up tools are impeccable, but this Bangalore-resident wears many more hats with ease. The former model and Mrs India finalist juggles her family (she’s mother to one daughter), a fashionable social life, and career with poise. Kala’s achievements are evident in the success of Rubans, which she founded two years ago. Glittering with eclectic jewels and an array of accessories, each of the accessories brand’s stores—three in Bangalore and two in Hyderabad—is a treasure trove. The fashionista shared her story and future plans in an exclusive chat, while showing off jewels and bags from her new collection.



How did Rubans come about?
Before I founded Rubans, I was a model. During ramp shows, I sometimes felt that even the best outfits looked somewhat incomplete without proper accessories. With this in mind, I found the brand almost two years ago. Now, we have five brick and mortar stores and a new online store. And it’s not just jewellery—there are also bags, hats, belts and tech accessories to choose from, as well as an exclusive line for children.

What does the name Rubans mean?
Rubans is the French word for ribbons. For me, it represents many thing—it stands for elegance (it’s French, after all), as well as colours and a bright sense of happiness. It captures everything that my accessories are all about.

What is the USP of your brand?
Most brands in the country essentially cater to a specific clientele. Rubans offers a curated mix of everything. Like I said, I want every woman in India to know and wear my brand. If you love wearing earrings, I would love to adorn you with my jewels.



How do you curate Rubans’s diverse collections?
I believe every woman, irrespective of her personal style, is a client I’d like to cater to. Rubans offers something for everyone, from basic solitaire earrings and college-appropriate baubles to statement jewels for fashionistas. There’s also a pair of jhumkas for those who love their ethnics. I enjoy working on a larger canvas, with designs that cater to every style and age.

What are your personal favourites from the brand?
My new collection may well be the one I love most. I can’t get enough of these gorgeous designs (as seen in this editorial shoot).

What has been your biggest achievement?
We launched two stores in Hyderabad within weeks, our first physical store venture outside Bangalore.  Running a store is hard enough, and we launched two almost at the same time in a different city. It’s a challenge, and a very exciting one.



What’s your favourite jewellery trend of season?
I really love the renewed love for metallic jewellery. It makes for absolutely stunning jewels and more importantly, it’s incredibly versatile.

What’s next for Rubans?
Having established our stores in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we are looking forward to expanding in other cities. We have also begun franchising. My dream is to make Rubans the most preferred jewellery brand in the country.

Chinu’s photographs: Midhun Jayakrishnan | Style Direction: Anamika Chanda | Location: Courtesy The Leela Palace Bengaluru


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