Best Men’s Accessories in 2020

Accessories aren’t just meant for women. There are ample of men’s accessories ruling the fashion world. There is an ample number of such items that you can carry and creates all difference in 2020.

To make your work easier, we have simplified the time-consuming process. The below accessories ensures that you have the right accessories in your closet, for every day to any occasion purpose. This list is created taking consideration of what every guy needs to own, regardless of age, occupation, and lifestyle. 

Classic silver or leather watch

Fossil The Commuter Three-Hand Date Luggage Leather Watch

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A watch isn’t just for checking the time, it is one of the most desirable accessories that every man needs in his wardrobe. Luxury watches like The Admiral by Rockwell Time are a classic. They are versatile, goes with any outfit be it formal or traditional, thus it is worth an investment. It is one of those rare accessories that one can cherish for a lifetime or may even hand-down to friends, relatives or future son, who knows!

I personally like wearing silver stainless steel branded timepiece along with a men’s pinky ring. A leather watch is also good for guys who don’t like silver finish. 

Solid colour tie or Bow tie

Park Avenue Solid Bow Tie

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Nothing can be more attractive than watching guys who own has a good tie or bow tie collection. They add extra brownie points to your whole look. Invest in them without thinking twice, go for one silk, a few solid coloured, subtle striped navy-blue and few quirky prints in your collection. Quirky printed bow ties are in vogue but if you are looking for a single piece that will go with everything, then buy a solid colour tie or bow ties to create a strong statement. 

Compact statement Wallet 

Louis Philippe Leather Wallet

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Noon goes out without a wallet, which is a necessary accessory to carry. The way it looks says a lot about you. Even now, nothing can beat a plain high-quality leather wallet. If you don’t like carrying around a wallet, opt for a money clip cum phone-cover. This way you don’t have to carry a phone and wallet separately. You can store some cash along with your phone in your phone wallet and let the simplicity of this accessory speak for you.


Vincent Chase Polarised Matt Black Sunglasses

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If you live in a tropical county, sunglasses are a mandatory accessory. Besides offering protection, it also gives you an aura. Pick up a frame that suits you best. All the men fashion blogger is slaying the retro sunglass look and you might give a shot as well. If you wear spectacles, then try out a stylish half-rimmed frame to add a stylish, cool touch to your outfit. 

Side-satchel or a leather laptop bag

Goatter Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

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Going out for a trip, office or exploring the city during weekends? All you need is a classy side bad to go with whatever you wear. Every man must own a simple minimalistic bag to carry necessary items while heading outside the home.


Mensxp Black & Brown Reversible Belt

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Any trouser look will be incomplete without a belt. A belt beautifully divides the top and bottom halves on an outfit. Keep your wardrobe stocked up with few belts in different colours and materials. This will make the styling of your outfit easier. One Pro-tip is to make sure that the colour of your belt matches your shoe colours to bring your outfit together. While choosing the design look for subtle, classic buckles in metallic tones to make you stand stylish and stead.

Pocket Square

Blacksmith Printed Pocket Square

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I am sure all men at least have one suit in their wardrobe. No matter what suit it is, without a pocket square, the look doesn’t feel complete. Even if you only wear it once every year, don’t forget to add accessories and details. Invest in just one white pocket square and make a big impact on your dressing.

Personal fragrance

Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio

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How fresh you smell matters a lot. You should possess at least one good cologne. The one that evokes good memories and makes people remember you because of the scent you chose to wear.

So guys, if you want to leave a good impression don’t forget to pick up some absolutely-have accessories that are trending in 2020. We are glad to help you with redefining your entire wardrobe.

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