6 Reasons Why Men Should Buy Custom Made Clothing

Getting confused between buying off-the-rack shirts and made-to-measure ones is common for men. With changing times and preferences, men are opting for customized clothes given the number of plus points they have as compared to ready-made clothes. Whether you are looking for quality fitness apparel or formal office shirts, customized stuff is stealing the show.

Here are the top 6 arguments in the favor of customized clothing.


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The fitting of tailored pieces, is one of their biggest advantages. Clothes designed as per your discretion will automatically fit you the best. Ready-made clothes cannot guarantee that perfect fit irrespective of the level of expertise of the designer. The exact body measurements of the end user can’t be predicted to high accuracy. A lot of guessed and average values are used while designing ready-made clothes. Moreover, custom shirts and pants are the best options for you if you have a body type that doesn’t adhere to the popular standards set by the society. Your fitness apparel must not be too fitted or too loose. Clothing items like these need to be customized after purchase even if you buy them off-the-rack.


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Whether it is the stuff of the shirt or the design, customized clothes offer you a lot of options. You can get your stuff tailored according to your taste. Your favorite designs can actually be materialized if you go for customized clothes rather than ready-made stuff. You won’t just be restricted to what the manufacturer has to offer. You can actually have a say in what you carry. Instead of buying what every Tom, Dick, and Harry is buying, you can define your own fashion statement. A custom t-shirt can effectively complement your personal style and make you stand out from the crowd. Being the best fit and uniquely designed, they accentuate your body features.


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Custom tailored clothes feed your creativity. If you want a pocket on the upper right-hand side of your shirt, you can easily get it done without worrying about having to go to every shop and ask for it. Customized stuff offers you the freedom to wear what you actually want to. If your designer offers you some predefined styles and designs, you can try them too. You can select everything about your apparel ranging from the color to the design. How cool is that! Ready-made clothes, on the other hand, leave you with little to no room for creativity. You have to select one out of the options available. The designer inside you may feel suffocated and unattended to.


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Buying an off-the-rack shirt or pants and later paying the tailor to adjust it according to the measurements of your body can cost you extra. Rather than going the longer route, you should consider made-to-measure shirts and pants. Undoubtedly, they may seem a bit costlier at first, but their maintenance costs are negligible. You don’t need to go to any tailor to get them customized later. Moreover, you can save a few bucks while buying the raw material or working with an affordable designer. The cost of production is entirely in your hands while dealing with customized clothes.


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Customized clothing saves you a lot of time – the time that is wasted in roaming from shop to shop finding your favorite stuff and design. Additionally, even after roaming from hours you may not find the stuff that actually appeals to you. Customized shirts and pants are designed according to what you require. You don’t need to find it. Just explaining it to your designer and getting things done is definitely easier than looking for it out of a million designs out there in the shops. So they actually make a great gift option when you’re in a rush. Moreover, there is no gift as thoughtful as a customized piece your loved one.


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There is no denying in the fact that the cost of made-to-measure clothes may be a bit higher than that of off-the-rack stuff but the quality of both is incomparable. Ready-made clothes often don’t last long and you have to settle for whatever stuff the manufacturer offers you. If you are allergic to synthetic fibers, you don’t have the option to get the same design in some natural fabric. With customized clothing, comes quality. You can get your desirable designs in quality raw material prepared without any trouble.

Thus, these were some of the benefits of customized shirts and pants. End of the day, it is your taste and preferences that matter. In case you have never tried customized apparel, it is definitely worth a try. Who knows you may fall in love with it!

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