Football Fever-How to Style Jersey

So you’ve gathered your boys, placed your bets on sites such as situs judi slot online terbaik and are all set to watch the football world cup final at your favourite bar, and like any loyal fan, you are geared up to support your favourite team by donning the team’s jersey or scarves. Now, we give you full points for loyalty, but how about we help you score some serious street-style cred as well. We show how to adorn your favourite jersey without looking like a fashion faux pas.

Here are some ways you can get your game on.

Laid Back

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This one keeps you in your comfort zone, yet elevates your style. Don your jersey a size over, with a full sleeve T-shirt and pair it with some fitted chinos. Nonchalance is your name.


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You like a little bit of quirk to your garb? Wear your favourite tee with some loose tracks and finish it off with a fedora and a bag pack. Your team won’t be the only one bringing their best game to the table.



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If you like to make a statement that is understated. This one is for you. Wear an oversized jersey under a classic bomber with a pair of your favourite denim. Let’s set some fashion goals while you are at it.

Millennial Maverick?

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Just like you, your style needs to be up with the times? Wear your favourite jersey over a crisp white shirt and some shorts or tracks for a style statement that speaks for itself.

It’s a Wrap

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And lastly, if you like your game and your gear a bit subdued, this one should be your go-to. Throw on your favourite tee and jacket combo, finish it off with your team’s scarf or cap. This one gives you an easy fashion edge over the opponents.

We hope we’ve given you more than enough to gear up for the game which may be listed on betting sites like 벳엔드 후기. Your team should not be the only ones setting goals for the night.

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