Vogue India’s ‘Fashion Fund’, LFW’s ‘Gen Next Program’, Elle India & FDCI’s ‘First cut’, all have one thing in common; their eye of upcoming designers and their desire to help them succeed. Over the years all these channels have introduced us to some amazing labels such as Bodice, Pero, Masaba Gupta, Dhruv Kapoor and many more… 

Here’s what 2019 has in store for us – these are some of the up and coming labels to look out for this year. 



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Raffughar had humble beginnings, the label started out producing Namda rugs and Pashmina stoles, and later diversified into apparel. The label is dedicated to contemporizing traditional crafts and artistry. Their name ‘Raffughar’ is dedicated to the famous Darners of Kashmir.

Wajahat Rather, one of the participants of the ‘First Cut’ program for ELLE India & FDCI, is a Kashmiri designer who taps into his love for his birthplace for inspiration. His website showcases three collections – Tarakh Maal, Qurbat and Dastawaiz each inspired by different arts and elements of Kashmir. He uses natural material in his designs, hand pleats, patchwork, embroidery, cutwork, and other design elements to bring his vision alive.


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Jajaabor was introduced via LFW’s Gen Next Programme. The roots of the brand philosophy lie in nomadism. The designs reflect the travels of founders Neelanjan Ghosh and Kanika Sachdev. What I personally love about their collection are asymmetrical shapes, quirky prints and beautiful mishmash of different prints and textiles.


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The founder Niharika Gupta found comfort in menswear, the ease and functionality are what drew her in. Her label notebook applies the sensibilities of menswear by using menswear fabrics and tailoring to create contemporary designs for modern women of India. 


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There is a kind of meditative quality to Shweta Gupta’s label SWGT; the designer looks inwards for inspiration which is brought to life through rich luxurious fabrics and indigenous techniques. Her collection Chanderi is inspired by the beauty of mountains which reflects in the collection palette; we also see technique through gorgeous hand-woven Chanderi work in the garments. 


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The founders Shreya and Priyal find comfort in contrasts and subtle imperfections. Their designs are fuss-free, clean with the raw finish of handmade garments. The fact that Shreya has acquired training and Priyal hasn’t reflected in their collaboration. The clothes have irreverence towards norms which is what makes this label unique.

Featured image source: Wajahat Rather | Neelanjan Ghosh and Kanika Sachdev | Niharika Gupta | Shweta Gupta | Shreya and Priyal Mewara

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