Spring/Summer runway trends in 2021 are beyond your imagination. Expected a whole lot of drama and fashion like every other season? Well, it quite isn’t like that. Shows took place virtually, so there was a lot less buzz and street style than usual. But you’ll love what you’re about to see! 

Fashion in 2021 is no more about being extra, of course, there’s an ocean of trends out there but the majority of them were reality-centric. Designers and luxury brands recognized the need for fashion functionality in a pandemic prevalent world. Today, fashion is not just about trends, it is beyond – It is functional and conscious. We have curated the best of trends that you can carry with ease.

Bold Shoulders –

Richard Malone

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Throwback to the good old puff sleeve days, loved wearing it on your shoulder? Then you’re sure to love the exaggerated shoulder trend on your dress, shirt, and top. Easy to carry for any virtual-work meeting, as only your top half is showcased on screen. You can easily pull this trend off online and make a bold statement. Put on a bold shoulder top (how big and bold you choose) and ace the boss lady look!

Cutout –

David Koma

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Dressing modest has got a spicy new meaning! Your favorite lady-like styles: gowns, tops, and dresses now have a sexy new reveal – a cutout by the waist. This is not just another trend, it is a revolution because who doesn’t love adding a little drama to their basic styles? We have more for you ladies; this trend does not belong to any particular body type. Cutouts are for everyone! Whichever body type you belong to, the right amount of skin show looks flattering always.

Oversized Khaki Pants–

The Row

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Ditch the skintight pants because oversized pants are back baby! Oversized pants are every lady’s favorite for 2 reasons – enough room means less sticking and the sharp androgynous look it creates. Khaki belongs to the neutral color family and that’s enough reason to know that this trend will stick by your wardrobe like a classic. Go on, seize the moment and get yourself a classic khaki this season.


Elie Saab

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Celebrating a special day with your friends or family virtually? Bring the party to your living room. Make sure you are the highlight of the event with a sequin-adorned outfit. Don’t worry; sequins make an entry, time and again on the runway so you’ll have multiple occasions to ace this trend in the future as well.

The rose gold sequin jumpsuit and dress from Elie Saab has our heart pounding, can’t wait to get our hands on this trend already!

Midriff Flossing–


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Instagram is raging about this trend right now, influencers are killing it, and hands down it is sureshot the most popular trend in 2021. Midriff flossing, what is it? The term flossing comes from a dental origin; thin straps crisscross and go around your waist resembling dental floss. You cannot resist the midriff flossing trend, get digging in your wardrobe or get yourself an outfit that can do this to flaunt your midriff. 

Shop these trends from your go-to high street stores for virtual get-togethers or for future vacay plans. You should also try these accessory trends from the S/S’21 runway – headscarf and black facemask. Let us know in the comments below which trend are you going to add to your cart this season. Ciao!

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