#Tbt Grunge: How to Dress Like You Are in the Nineties

Like it or not, but the days of yore are back and how! If you see grunge and Aqua and feel like standing at crossroads, you belong to the 90s club. Holler and rejoice, because they are so back!

It’s the moment when you can proudly dig out those Mom jeans and tie up that shirt on your waist. Rock-n-rolla with high boots for it’s time to make an impact, not an appearance. If you are rejoicing already, wait till you see our list of Nineties trends that have made a massive comeback this season. Get vintage(d)!

Slip Dresses


It’s the outfit of the hour, championing sexy in a very careless sort of way. Dressing up to look like you didn’t really spend a lot of time on it is our go-to mantra. The barely there silhouettes promise to look super hot with a chunky pair of shoes (keep reading for more on this).

Mom Jeans


High-waisted albeit with more structure and ripping. From Courtney Cox to Beyoncé, mom jeans have many fans. Jeans ripped at the knees are having a moment—from Kim Kardashian to Deepika Padukone wearing it—and you shouldn’t be surprised if you find us bleaching our old denim in the bathtub.

Vampy Lips


Out with the cute corals and pinks and in with vampire lips. From cappuccino brown to berry and oxblood to edgy purple, smear those pouts with some dark and dense shades this season. Let your lips really do the talking.

Doc Martens


If you were going Oxford last season, it’s time to go high booting with chunky Doc Martens. Fluorescent colors, floral patterns, and all sorts of 90s bonhomie makes them look wow with cutesy slip dresses that are also making a huge comeback.

Flannel + Plaid


Wear one buttoned down over your tee and tie one at the waist to look completely on-trend this season. From shirts to dresses, and almost everything in between, plaid  will be totally rocking in 2016.

Fanny Packs


Utility and style going hand in hand with the updated version of these classic waistbags. Don’t believe us? Check out Rihanna flaunting it or labels like Chanel and Michael Kors elevating them to high fashion. Time to dig out your teen trunks or better yet, pick from contemporary varieties. If fanny packs don’t catch your fancy, take your pick from the season’s chicest backpacks.


Slouchy Sweaters


Shapeless couture and irregular hems may well define the ’90s. Little wonder slouchy sweaters are a wardrobe must have this season. Wear them as tops or dresses and don’t worry about the heavy knits, tight necklines, and extra-long sleeves.

In the spirit of the Nineties, here’s to fashion nirvana! 

Images courtesy Aien Jamir; Daily Makeover; Daria Daria; Dr Martens; Elle Canada; Fashion Fuz; Fashion Gum; Good, Bad and Fab; Gurl; Inquirer; Just The Design; Le Happy; Nolita Hearts; Parade; Stay Classy Vilakazi; Style Barista; Style Caster; Style Trove; The Fashion Tag; The Glam Files; The Zoe Report; Vogue

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