Sagittarius : The Gypsy sign of the Zodiac

Sagittarius sets prelude for the new year to come. The wanderer, the traveler and the energetic one. Sagittarius season is here and we can’t get enough of the madness already.  Sagittarius are one of a kind who love philosophy and their freedom. They need to be constantly in touch in touch with the world in order to understand the secrets of life.

They can be very impulsive at times and rude on your face. It becomes a little difficult to handle them when angry. They are great friends and understand your need for space and expect the same from you. Their liberal and philosophical attitude ,makes them good with careers like photography, research, travel etc. Being the wanderer at heart  as they are, Sagittarius hates being confined to four walls.

Sagittarius women are wild and free. They love their personal space and will often be found dressed in sweats. They love their boyfriend jeans and flowing unrestricted dresses. They are super obsessed with their wardrobe (you should always take their permission before getting your hands in there). A Sagittarius woman always dresses for the occasion and can pull off sportswear as elegantly as a designer piece. You will never see them without a satchel bag and love their flats more than heels. A Sagittarius loves to accessorize their dresses.

A Sagittarius man is a thinker, which you can also see in their wardrobe selection. They are careful listeners who will listen to you before making their own conclusion. They love to travel and would  want to explore each and every possibility, in order to know where the truth lies.  They love their casual wear and are up to date on their wardrobe.

Not completely sure of your style as a Sagittarius? Or need to find a gift for your Sagittarius friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Sagittarius Woman

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The Sagittarius Man

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