Synchronizing Bride & Groom Outfits The Right Way

Everything looks better when in the sync, isn’t it? When two people decided to be each other counterparts forever, it has to start from the day of their wedding. Hence couples who coordinate their wedding outfits stand out.

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Now, this is slightly tricky as it might be too much or less or too cheesy.

Here we decided to give up some trending ideas to coordinate outfits and look picture-perfect.

Finding balance in tones

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We all incline some colors a little more. Hence the easiest way is to pick one that you mutually like. Now, look at all possible tones in the same color. For instance, if you pick purple, the bride can go for a darker shade of purple while the groom for a lighter lilac shade. Hence this trend lets you experiment from dark to light or vice versa. Some colors that look the best for this idea are pink, peach, yellow, purple, and green.

Subtle ways to show off one entity

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Picking one common color from each other’s ensemble gives an effortless complimenting vibe. In this, the groom can match the tone of his safa with the dupatta for the bride. This way both of them have one statement piece while everything else remains exclusive.

Contrasting groom & bride’s outfits!

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For things, you need a little bit of color theory knowledge when you wear different contrasting colors. The colors do all the talk and create a powerful look together. Here are some references for you to look complementary and still look like one unit.

Same color on the top

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Here the highlight is on the outer garment which is of the same color. For instance, the groom’s jacket and bride’s choli worn is color coordinated. 

Gold for the golden touch

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Talking about a simple yet unified look filled with pride. Gold is your answer. A simple white kurtapajama paired with a plain gold jacket adds up to the golden jewelry and chunri worn by the bride. 

To Stand Out in subtle

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One subtle color can stands out beautifully together to match the spirits of each other. This is one of the easiest and most wonderful ways for different hued outfits. The bride and groom wearing beige attire with matching golden embroidery color are surely amazing.

Pro Tip: 

Two shades of the same color give a gradient or ombre effect. For this, the colors may not necessarily be matching, and may even contrast with each other, yet look great together.

Top color combinations for a couple:

With Gold: Red / Deep Green / Blue / Black / White / Maroon

  • With Orange: Peach / Ivory
  • With Pink: Light Blue / Lemon Green / Grey / Pastel Yellow/ Bright Red / Cream
  • With Red: Ivory / Beige / Black / Gold
  • With Royal/Cobalt Blue: Gold / Ivory / Cream / Beige

Now to combine these colors pick one that is in sync with your event decor. For instance, for your Sangeet, if you pick white and peach, the groom can pick a white tuxedo, and the bride a peach gown. There you go!

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