3 Popular Wedding Color Palettes for This Season

Weddings are the most colorful event in India. It includes so many small events.  Each of these events comes with its unique vibe and color palette. Hence when it comes to planning a wedding, we need to pick the main color palette beforehand since several other details will be built on the color theme you choose.

The wedding color palette comprises your wedding invitation design, the bride and groom dresses, and overall venue decor. It may include the bridesmaids, groom side, bride side, and the closest guest outfits. Many weddings now also use a photo booth, as they are just loved by most wedding guests. So find a local service (we used https://www.pictureblast.co.uk/photo-booth-hire-shrewsbury/ for a photo booth at a wedding in Shrewsbury recently) and hire a photo booth, as it’s sure to go down very well. We also have the best wedding MC like these sydney wedding mc‘s who has the expertise every step of the way, ensuring good times only.

When it comes to picking the perfect color palette among the full rainbow of possibilities the sky is the limit. So here we are with some of the best combinations for this season 

The Very Peri Pantone

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Image source

The Very Peri Pantone looks purplish with a violet undertone. It is already cold and this palette is a perfect winter pick. Keeping the main color purple, use turquoise, beige, or pink as your secondary color. This color palette looks very royal as purple is known for its creative and mysterious appearance. 

Dusty blue and Blush Romance

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Let’s talk about the most romantic color palette of this season, the calming aura of dusty blue and the romantic appeal of blush together creates just something very calming and serene. This palette resembles Queenstown Starry Night Wedding. Also, this color combo goes well with the outfits of the couple, cake, decoration, and flowers and it works very well with a variety of backgrounds and locations as well. 

Jewel tones for the beauty of gems

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Image source

As the name suggests, this color palette took gemstones’ inspirations, with multiple colors ranging from amethyst to burgundy, emerald green, and many more. As it is a multi-color palette, you can include or exclude colors based on your choice. In comparison to both the color palettes, it has all the rich hues one can think of. All these bright colors, with their deep counterparts, are the perfect wedding palette for formal and sophisticated weddings. Choosing the right gemstones for you: All about gemstones can assist you in finding the perfect gems you need.

We hope these color palettes will inspire you and get you one step closer to the most magical day of your forever. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just these 3 options, do your research and pick the palette that includes favorites of both the bride and groom. Fill up colors on your big day in the best way possible.

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