In The Spotlight: Supermodel Dayana Erappa

Olive skinned and almond eyed, this coorgi beauty sashays on the ramp with an ethereal elegance. Dayana Erappa’s stunning personality can just take your breath away.She is one of the most sought after muse for editorial spreads and designers. In this exclusive interview, the amazing supermodel shares her off-duty style, make-up secrets and personal quirks which make her so awesome!


How and when did you get into modelling?

My foray into modelling began when my principal, Mr Joshua Samuel of Baldwin’s Methodist College encouraged me to meet the fashion guru, Prasad Bidipa. The rest, as they say is history.

The turning point in your career.

Participating in Miss India 2011 and then shifting to Mumbai was a life changing career decision, for the better.

Your favorite editorials.

I am in love with my work. Every project I do, my heart and soul goes into it. To name some, editorial spreads done with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle are immensely satisfying.

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Your favorite moments on the ramp.

Just being on the ramp makes me super happy! And that inspires me to always put my best foot forward (pun intended).

What does Dayana do off-duty?

I love my workouts and daily runs, so never miss them. Pampering myself and meeting my friends are my feel-good boosters. I also catch up on my TV series and movies.

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Who are your go-to designers and why?

My favourite designers are Nikhil Thampi, Vaishali S and Kshitij Choudhary, based on the occasion. I prefer comfortable and easy-to wear clothes.

Fashion brands you love to shop from?

I personally love Massimo Dutti as it is comfortable elegant and affordable but I’m also a ‘flea market-accessories’ kinda girl.

Your style icons and why?

From the time I stepped into the world of modelling, i have always looked up to Lakshmi Menon. I totally adore her for who she is and I feel she brings a kind of aura into the room.

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Essentials you carry in your daily bag. 

Phone, portable charger, wallet, lipstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, pen and my work diary.

Your go-to style hack.

Blue denim, white shirt and minimal make-up.

Your must have travel essentials.

Running shoes, skipping rope, Jacket, evening dress, bikinis, shorts, cool tops and sunscreen. I am pretty much good to go with these!

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What’s number one on your bucket list?

I love travelling. Having just covered 26 countries, the rest are on my list!

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What‘s your advice to girls wanting to take up modelling as a career?

Take courses at cradio and complete your education first, and then pursue your career in modelling. Be punctual, don’t take anything for granted and take care of your health, always!

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How important is make up for you?

Make-up enhances our looks, so yes it is very important. Having said that, I also believe that our personality and the right attitude are equally inportant.

One makeup trick that could transform the face.

Red lipstick and Mascara! It works for both day and night.

A day in the life of a supermodel would be:

Wake up early in the morning, grab some breakfast, fight through traffic to reach the location on time, give your best shot (show or a shoot), and engage with colleagues, finish work, back home in the night and hit the sack!


How important is personal style?

It is a game changer! One must work on developing and enhancing on their personal style. People notice your looks first and build their opinion before any conversation.

What’s Dayana’s personal style?

Classy yet comfortable- I like to pair my denims with a white top, sneakers and minimal make up, completing the look with a chic backpack.

Collection by Dee Su

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What would you wear to a formal evening occasion?

High-waist flared pants with a well fitted top and a blazer.

What would you wear for a date night?

Comfort is a must for me. I would opt for a black or a white ruffled dress pair with flats.

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What are your favorite buys recently?

I’m currently in love with the back pack I got from Moschino!

Things a woman must have in her wardrobe according to you?

Well fitted denims, a white shirt, jacket, evening dress and bikinis are my must-have recommendations

Life quote you abide by:

“Your life, your rules”. Never regret it.

Future endeavors:

I believe in focusing on the present. Only when the future becomes present, everything shall be revealed.

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Images Courtesy Dayana Erappa.

Featured Image- Vogue India

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