Engaging in regular workouts to maintain fitness is a non-negotiable commitment for many individuals. Through years of dedicated training, these fitness enthusiasts have discovered the exercises that suit them best, along with the appropriate intensity levels. For those of us who may be embarking on this journey for the first time or considering a shift to a different fitness routine, the advice is clear: there’s no better time to start than NOW. However, initiating a new workout regimen isn’t a simple task and requires proper guidance and professional training. That’s where resources like the one available at can be invaluable in ensuring a structured and effective approach to achieving fitness goals.

Professional trainers like a personal Macro Coach are a must for any exercise. And thanks to the Internet they are available to us with a click of fingertips at no cost.

Don’t get overwhelmed with so many platforms to choose from, we’ve done our research, and by trial and error method we know who could help you this hour, maybe it’s a machine such as that Nordictrack Studio Bike. Let’s begin already!


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I am a yogi myself and after years of practice, I still like to train with a professional. I was not sure of following a tutor virtually, but once I started it was impossible to stop. Pros? Introduction to new forms of yoga, including kundalini yogis, terms you may have not heard of also. Many consider yoga to be a slow-paced exercise but you will be surprised to know there are so many more versions of it. If you’re a newbie, start slow and gradually increase your pace when you get used to it. Do not jump to quick flows in the beginning because it involves swift moves that require you to have the right posture and some pro movements.

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Yoga with Adrienne is my one-stop for all. I started with her 30-day challenge, which started off slow and picked up the pace with each video. This channel offers much more like a deep stretch, full body flow, yoga for anxiety and stress, and your guide to meditation.


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 If you’re somebody who doesn’t fancy the idea of moving from posture to posture and you like to keep your workout session fun then Zumba it is! Zumba is not just another cardio exercise, it combines Latin and international music with dance moves and interval training. If you love dancing then this is for you! Caution – You may get hot and soaked up by the end of a Zumba session and the best part is you will be so engaged in dancing, you wouldn’t realize you were working out.

For me, Zumba is like a stress buster, dance, and let go! To pump up the session even more I do it with my friends virtually, yep an exclusive virtual Zumba session with your mates is like partying with them in real life.

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As Zumba is dance along with exercise, The Fitness Marshall’s tutorials are easy to follow. The steps are fun, intense and Marshall’s energy keeps you going.


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The purpose of working out differs from person to person for some it may be to stay fit, for some, it is to shred a few pounds, for the rest it is to improve strength and endurance. If you are looking to build more strength then your body must be used to working out regularly with good flexibility. Start with slow-paced exercises and then take up a notch high. Caution – Weight lifting is not recommended for newbies. Lift weight only under expert supervision. And if you’re in need of maintaining or repairing your home treadmill, consider searching for home treadmill repairs near me to keep your fitness equipment in top-notch condition.

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App to follow – Nike Training Club on App Store and Play store

Nike training club App recently opened up a segment of their exercises available for all, with no paid membership. When you sign up for it you will be asked a few basic questions like your experience in training, your preference for workout duration, and more. Once you fill this up, you will have a set of exercises that work best for your body. Apart from that, there are Yoga and more exercises to browse from.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

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 Want to bust out your energy in something intense? HIIT sessions are for you. While the name is self-explanatory, here’s what you need to know. High-intensity workout sessions are different sets of exercises carried on continuously in short sets and a short recovery period. Here every second count and that’s why a half-hour session of HIIT is more intense than an hour of most other forms of cardio. It may look simple but you need lots of power to push for more and strong endurance energy levels.

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HIIT exercises are challenging for sure but with this channel, you can have a good start. They have videos for beginners and pros, spot training, and videos based on duration too. For those of you who are looking for great results within a short span of time these ones are for you!

Above are my top favorite channels and app to workout. You can do anything as far as you’re motivated and persistent with your workout regime. Don’t give up easily, because Sky is the limit, until next time.

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