The right way to layer for winter fashion

Hello, winter! Wrapping around too many clothes may make you look like a hanger or you may get cold in the brutal winter temperature especially if you aren’t equipped with the proper cold-weather clothing. No wonder the decreasing temperature may also decrease your fashion game. 

That’s why it’s essential to know the correct way to layer for cold weather. This blog will give you the right way to layer so you can stay warm and comfortable.


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The most popular way has 3 versatile layers to offer optimal insulation, it involves the right choice of a three-piece outfit.

Base layer: For absorption

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The first layer needs to be the lightest and should not be too tight – to allow air to circulate. Thus the first thin layer of air between your skin and clothing helps insulate you against the cold. Ideally, you can choose a well-fitting, light-weight thermal suit of wool or silk, as they are the most effective. There are numbers of thermals available in the market. Choose based on how much insulation you need. You can also go for sweat-proof undershirts as a base layer option, as they trap sweat to escape as vapor. Usually one can see a peek of this layer, either at the neck with collars or turtlenecks or through sleeve or cuff.

Middle layer: For insulation

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The middle clothing layer traps body heat, insulating you from the cold. From vests, crop tops, sweaters, open or knotted button-downs, blazers, and to cardigans, you can pick any. The middle layer will be shown, so think about the right style, color, and patterns depending on your look. 

This item still needs to fit well and be comfortable. This allows the air to circulate between your layers and it is one of the most effective ways to stay warm.

Outer layer: For protection

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This is the final layer that ties all your other layers together. Usually, this layer includes clothing types like coats, black sheer bomber jacket, trenches, or even ponchos. Since this will be the most exposed piece you have to give special attention depending on the event, occasion and atmosphere you are going for. 

Layering is especially important in places where the temperature is unpredictable. Therefore if you are heading out then dressing in layers prepares you for any situation. The best will be to prepare yourself for insulation for at least ten degrees cooler to be safe. 

In the end, the whole point is the flexibility to add or remove layers to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Once you are indoors you can remove the top or middle layer and add clothing as necessary to maintain a “just right” body temperature while heading outside. 

Thus layering your clothing doesn’t only create a fashion statement but also makes clothing flexible.

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