Guide to creating a winter capsule wardrobe with 5 outfits

Each year comes with 4 seasons and each season requires a different set of clothing. Imagine if you keep buying every new season soon you will end up having piles of clothes but nothing to wear. Hence to avoid buying unnecessary clothes every season try investing in a capsule wardrobe to get dressed quickly, create a clean closet, have many outfits ready to wear and while saving thousands of money. 

A capsule wardrobe is limited yet it has all the right set of clothes that can mix and match with one another to create many outfits. Hence you never run out of clothes.  

Before we start creating the wardrobe one thing to keep in mind is to choose quality over quantity; hence even if you wear them 100 times they will not look shabby and faded. 

A capsule wardrobe lasts longer and goes further than a closet full of cheap, fast fashion. Hence it is more sustainable and efficient.

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Identify your personal style

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To reduce the time of getting dressed in the morning. Start with defining your style. Once you identify your expression through your clothes, the constant run-after trends will stop to a great extent.

Hence your wardrobe will be more personalized.

Start with the basics

 Every capsule wardrobe should begin with the staples—the pieces that are most used by you. These are mostly pieces that can be mixed and matched to create countless outfits. For the current cold weather, start with your favorite pair of jeans, a tailored blazer, a neutral-tone sweater, a classic white shirt, and a plain bodycon dress. 

Some trendy pieces 

Once you have your basics covered, you can start adding in other pieces to reflect your style. For instance, some pop color jackets or overcoats to create a statement look, sequence work dresses, some animal printed tops, and all the other outfits that are trending this season.   

Stick to a Color Palette 

No matter how many trendy pieces you buy in different styles and colors, they can be mostly mixed and matched with the basics. When putting together the basics and the trendy items thoughtfully, it can create a cohesive look. The most common color palette is black, white, and gray. I understand that it may not be “your” colors. This is why you can check this year’s seasonal color palette. And then develop a wardrobe color palette and buy any additional pieces. This way you can also build a non-neutral wardrobe that is flexible, versatile, and chic at the same time.

Winter capsule wardrobe with 5 items 

Since it’s winter time so mixing and matching is the common key to layering. For example, if you choose black, white, brown, and grey as your main colors, you can easily mix and match different items to create an outfit that looks intentional and put together. Every winter capsule wardrobe needs jeans that flatter your figure. Invest in a high-quality neutral-tone coat or jacket that will keep you warm. Boots are essential hence choose a timeless style that will last for years.

Add a neutral color sweater like black, white, cream, or gray that will match everything. A classic plain shirt or t-shirt preferably white in color will be a match for everything. 

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Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start mixing and matching to create your personalized wardrobe.

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