Happy Independence Day everyone ! It’s that time of the year again, when the flickering spark of patriotism is reignited with fervour, as the streets ring with the melodious chorus of our national anthem. In the past 70 years, we’ve failed and triumphed, suffered and rejoiced but most importantly, we’ve stood united through it all, as one nation, one people. The greatness of our country clearly lies in its diversity. Which is why, we decided to kick start the celebrations by rounding up people (from different walks of life) and asking them one question: What do you like most about India?  Check out the responses we received

I admire the Indian tradition of hospitality. Whether it’s someone in need, travellers visiting the country or a stranger visiting anyone’s home, the spirit of “Atithi Devo Bhava” guides our actions.
Madhusudan Bandyopadhyay, engineer

I like the unity in diversity that defines India. Not knowing Kannada, I am still staying at Bangalore fora very long time. But Bangalore accepted me with my Hindi and English. Starting from small apartments to several states difference is there among people. But they accept people from different origins as they are. They celebrate each others’ occasions as well.
Rahul Tandon, engineer


There’s so much to love about India. The food and music top my list of favourites—starting with home-cooked Bengali meals to Hindustani classical music.
Soumyadip Chakrabarti, senior UI/UX designer, élanstreet

My favourite thing about India is probably the food. Nothing beats a lip-smacking plate of Biryani!
Anu Radha Haldar Banerjee, homemaker


India is a young country at its inflection point. I admire the opportunity young people are now getting here.
Rahul Koul, co-founder, élanstreet

India boasts of one of the most diverse cultures in the world. For instance, there are 22 official and 122 major languages in the same country. Isn’t that incredible!
Sreejit Nair, AVP sales & alliances, elanstreet


We treat each other like our own family. That’s the essence of India.
Raj Kumar, video game developer

The variety of food we get in this country is unbeatable. Homely food is on top of it, specially ‘Postor Bora’ from Bengali cuisine.
Rudrani Mukherjee, editor, publishing


I’m a true blood Bangalorean who loves his country. While I’ve travelled to few of the so called forward countries, nobody can match our cultural prowess, imbibed in everyone of us from childhood, to respect and enjoy a free life, with all the madness around us… For what’s life without having people around us to see , talk and live with cheers.
Ravi Viswanathan, engineer

The best thing I like about my country is the kind of variety in culture, languages, places, festivals, music, dance, food and what not. All these make for a colourful and beautiful India.
Priyanka Roy, analytics professional and dance choreographer


As we get ready to hoist the tri-colour as proud Indian citizens, let’s pledge towards being the change that we wish to see in our country.

Featured Image Soumyadip Chakrabarti

Images courtesy Pixabay

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