Hot Wheels: The Best Cars For Every Style

If you’re a James Bond in disguise, the cycling tracks aren’t meant for you. Practicality and fuel efficiency are crucial, but your choice of wheel extends your style beyond the trousers in your closet. To decide on a car suited for your style, we drove a mile around town spotting the most luxurious automobiles in the market.

Classic Classic_Audi_TT_Fashion_Style

You’re season-less, timeless, and an investment dresser. A peek into your closet reveals neutral hues and navy is the farthest you’d go. A watch holds your heart and why not? There’s nothing classic about checking the time on your phone. Eye the Audi TT, a car that has maintained its form despite numerous trends coming its way. Opt for a variant sans the sporty features and the TT will be like your chinos: not too skinny, not too wide, and in perennially hit colours.


You boast an impetuous wanderlust, and prefer your buttons undone. What people call loose, colourful, and mismatched, you spend your bucks on. Invest in a  Contessa, and you’ll thank us for life. India’s original muscle car, boasts old-school appeal combined with powerful engine and comfortable seating. Easy on the pocket though elusive (it’s vintage after all) this car will stand out among its swanky counterparts and make you a part of the landscapes you pass.


If clean lines and an all-white suit keep you coming back for more, you’re our type. You are practical and functional, and a toned-down look is your perennial style aspiration. Drive nothing less than a Cadillac Escalade, an epitome of clean and refined lines. No matter where you look, you will notice the beauty of its cut and sewn interiors and meticulously designed exterior. Look beyond its form and you will be left equally impressed with the Escalade’s performance.


Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or hoping onto a flight, easy dressing is superlatively fun and fulfils every fashion aim ever written about. If you prefer comfort and easy dressing, put on your espadrilles and hop into a Jaguar XE. The India-bound model has received rave reviews and its size is ideal for zipping through the chaos that is city traffic. Running errands just got more stylish, yeah?


Your everyday dressing reflects a new culture where the old and the new meet. You deserve a mix of everything, let’s just say a Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s a blend of all things right—spacious, flexible, outdoorsy, and luxurious. Whatever your day looks like, the Cruiser delivers in every terrain and condition. Believe us, buy one already!


When you finish your slovenly and uncoordinated look with head-turning spunk, your grunge game is strong. You idolize layering, and any clothing that adds to an unkempt appearance catches your eye. With the brand’s foray due in India, get your hands on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4×4. A true off-roader, it’s however aptly luxurious for the discerning car fanatic. Much like your persona, the Wrangler is a steal for its sophistication yet worn out feel


Your personal Bible is and your style represents the ‘new cool’. You are everything 2015 and you deserve a car that tops Car of the Year on every list. Chances are, it will just be the Volvo S60. The sharpest steering, precise suspension, and Volvo’s superlative Four C chassis, the S60 offers an amplified experience behind the wheels.

Images: Antar-agni by Ujjawal Dubey; ASOS; Audi; Bentley; Cadillac; Jaguar; Jeep; PR Shots; Shutterstock; Toyota;Volvo; Wikipedia; Zara.

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